OSCEDays Cape Town 2017

Citizens Redesign the Future

LIVE WEBCAST: Speakers will be livestreamed to the OSCEDays Cape TOwn event FB page

instead of the youtube channel
WHERE:Cape Town Science Centre, Boardroom
BRINGALONGS: sketchpad, pen, idea book. We will have large pieces of paper for collective brainstorming.
NOTE: Schedule subject to change.

OSCEDays Cape Town 2017 is a two day workshop / design hackathon that will explore how citizen change agents and innovators can unite to co-develop open source circular designs using a concept called cosmo-localization developed by Dr. Jose Ramos, Michel Bauwens and other peer production thought leaders - to Know Global & Make Local. Along this line, we also introduce the concept of Citizen Science, Engineering and Technology (C-SET) development, engaging scientists, engineers, makers around the world to co-create open source circular designs for humanity.

Speakers will be webcast live on youtube. The design hackathon will take place locally and in innovation communities around the globe as part of Open Source Circular Economy Days OSCEDays 2017.

The opening June 10 morning will kick off with speakers from around the globe at the intersection of commons, open source, circular design, wellbeing, planetary boundaries, platform cooperativism, blockchains and peer production who will help us imagine what a citizen-centric future might look like. We explore the synthesis of all these disciplines into a framework that has the potential to translate local and regional action into global impact at scale, so that citizen can play an important role in redesigning society so that it is based upon an authentic foundation of wellbeing. The rest of the hackathon will be circular design exploration to begin the process of designing, prototyping and building open source technologies for humanity. As a foundation, we use the technologies and design tools used in the Open Source Circular Ecohome project.

Talks will be webcasted live on our Stop Reset Go youtube channel.
http://www.youtube.com/stopresetgo and also streamed to the OSCEDays channel

June 10, Morning Session:

Welcome and Circular Introductions

Local actions - Global impacts
James (Gien) Wong, co-founder, Stop Reset Go

Today, a synthesis of like minded change communities yearning to share best practices as well as a plethora of open software tools can unleash the power of the commons to drive the desparately needed changes in the world. Kate Raeworth’s “Doughnut economics” can become a practical reality with an integration of urban planetary boundaries, urban footprinting, ecological and social LCA footprinting, advance design tools and open value systems. This talk sets the tone for the talks that follow.

10:00am (youtube videos)
Earth system report card
Professor Johan Rockstrom & MIchael Oppenheimer

The latest report on the current status of climate change and planetary boundaries in the anthropocene - 2 videos from Feb 2017 World Economy Forum. The anthropocene is the geological age of human impacts. Johan Rockstrom and Michael Oppenheimer are two scientists at the forefront of planetary boundary, climate change and anthropocene research to determine the health of humanity, ecosystems and how close we are to exceeding

Case study - applying urban planetary boundaries to the city of Cape Town
Paul Currie, Uni of Stellenbosch’s Urban Modeling and Metabolism Assessment (uMAMA) research department

Paul discusses a case study for an upcoming research paper - applying urban planetary boundaries to the city of Cape Town. Planetary boundaries describe major regional earth system variables such as fresh water, climate stability, biodiversity, land use which cannot be transgressed if we are to insure wellbeing of humanity and many plant and animal species.Recently, researcher Daniel Hoornweg et al. proposed the concept of urban planetary boundaries. Paul’s work will help the citizens and municipality of Cape Town to set regional targets aligned to global targets, giving it a meaningful regional target to guide social development within safe boundaries.

11:30am (pre-recorded)
The potential of Cosmo Localization to transform society .
Dr. Jose Ramos, founder of Action Foresight

Dr. Ramos is a thought leader on peer-to-peer production and a champion of ideas such as cosmo-localization and liquid democracy… Cosmo-localization has the potential to shift much of global production from centralized to decentralized peer production, helping to create local, regenerative, circular economies.

Platform Cooperativism for creating WELLthy socieites
Ferial Buren, founder of Ignite Life, and SRG Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is a hotbed of creativitiy and openness to new ideas. Ferial shares her cosmo-local work with various private sector and civil society stakeholders to establish a global platform cooperativism for creating a WELLthy society. Key to this is finding a way to break silos of innovation so that clusters of communities around the planet can effectively collaborate to codevelop solutions. An ethical digital marketplace as well as new global webTV is part of the strategy.

1:30pm (pre-recorded)
The Envienta open source design ecosystem
Gabor Kiss, founder of Envienta Open Source Collective

The Envienta open source collective from Hungary develops open source circular technologies, a collaboration network that aligns itself with the work of futurist Jeremy Rifkins. Envienta shares its work on building a digital collaboration platform for open source project collaboration as well as some of the open source technologies they are developing.

Building a digital collaboration platform for a Resource Based Economy using blockchain technology
Dr Roberto Valenti, Intelligent Systems Lab, Uni of Amsterdam

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm but what is the real potential of it to transform society? Dr. Valenti discusses blockchain technology from the perspective of how it could build a resource based economy that can proivde a basis for a regenerative WEconomy.

June 11, Afternoon Session

Building a Wellbeing Economy
Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti, Director of GovInn - The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, Uni of Pretoria

Professor Fioramonti will be discussing the central theme from his newly released book, Wellbeing Economy: Success in a world without Growth. Professor Lioramonti will discuss how to build an economy that is based on wellbeing and serves society rather than business. Stop Reset Go, Professor Fioramonti and others will be hosting the upcoming Wellbeing Economy Festival at the CSIR Convention Centre in Pretoria in Nov 2017.


June 10, Afternoon Session:

2:30pm Workshop: Synthesizing all this knowledge and tools to create an effective cosmo-localization collaboration network? Present the SRG solution and workshop it.
3:30pm Networking Hour
4:30pm close

June 11, All Day Design Hackathon:

Below are some of the tech we will be hacking…bring your own too!
We are aiming at designing low cost, open source circular designs
Our focus is on developing high quality, low cost, low footprint citizen-based solutions - not large centralized infrastructure. Community scale hacks are ok too. Our aim is to complement top down solutions with effective, scalable bottom up solutions. We will begin by using the tech in the Open Source Circular Ecohome project as a foundation to build upon, as these technologies have significant potential for scaling. All other ideas by participants are welcome additions to hack. The more the merrier!

C-SET is proposed as a new framework to take citizen through the entire supply chain of development - from the science to the final prototype and ultimately, to low cost, circular community production that can be implemented cosmo-locally. Some of the tech we’ll be workshopping are:

  • Wind turbine
  • Water harvesting tech
  • Water conserving tech
  • Human waste treatment
  • Food production
  • Ground Air Heat Exchange systems for passive Greenhouse HVAC
  • Compost heating system
  • Solar thermal heating
  • Compressed air tech for mechanical drive in the home
  • Compressed air vehicles
  • Low cost scrap metal battery

Please bring any ideas you wish to workshop

This will be the pre-launch of Citizen Science, Engineering & Technology (C-SET) development project, mobizling citizen scientists,engineers and technologists to come up with solutions.

Event Outputs
Expose people to new appropriate circular technologies that they can produce themselves
Introduce the public to Citizen science approach to develop technologies
Begin the process of developing a cosmo-localized network with other innovation hubs of citizens around the globe to work year round on circular designs

Things to Bring
Lots of ideas, enthusiasm, sketchpad (paper and pen will also be provided) and laptop for googling.

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Hi, happy to have you in again!

We are having global VIDEO CALLS during the global June event. Join us there to tell us about your event, maybe show us around and meet other people.

You can join a call while your event is running or before or after it. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE.

Hope to meet you :relaxed:

Hey Lars,

How do we get more people to join the platform? We want to have the work shared on the platform.

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was an awesome local and global event with lots of new projects seeded for the coming months! Big thanks to Lena.

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