OSCEdays 2016 Opening Ceremony

Here we can plan for the opening ceremony we decided to host in the last @BoST call.

@JuliaP @Silvia and @sharmarval are planning this session but feel free to contribute your ideas @BoST.

Duration: Approx 1-1.5 hour

  1. Six ten-minute messages from people outside of the network (knowledge dissemination, challenges, words of encouragement)
  • global spread
  • both topics
  1. Open House the OSCE community (10 people):
  • like we do our usual introductions
  • our motivations
  • in for the long haul

First things to do:

  1. List of potential speakers @Gien your input here would be great…
  2. Draft plan for the ceremony (maybe we can think of a more fun word than ceremony… Kick-off? Ideas?)
  • Open House
  1. How were going to deliver it… Google hangouts?

There’s lots of people who would be great speakers. I was just in email contact with Kate Raeworth, who promotes the dougnut model of social development within planetary boundaries I was also recently in contact with professor Will Steffen, who is a lead author in the Planetary Boundary concept. I could also ask Michel Bauwens, as he is very keen on the idea of Open Source Circular Economy. By the way, what is your icon picture? I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile…

Do we have any kind of letterhead for OSCE Days?

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Thanks @Gien I’ll start a list and perhaps we can then choose some diverse topics…maybe a webinar would be nice and energetic.

I think it would be good to have a call about it this week @JuliaP @Silvia are you free?

It’s a painting a friend did some years ago!

Hi all, this week works for me.

Hey @Silvia maybe on Thursday at the usual Bost time?

Can you also join @JuliaP ?

Sounds good, I’ll be on Skype at 3 pm EDT. See you then.

Hello! I’ll be on a noisy bus traveling so I’ll be mostly only listening, but I’ll be on Skype then. See you!