OSCE pre-event [l'ALTROdesign week @strike 31march - 2april]

Hi friends,

the Rome Staff is organizing a two days (or maybe one could be enough?) during l’ALTROdesign, an event of DIY design in Rome.

We decided to organize a workshop that could be useful as an entry level impact for people who could join to OSCEdays.

The workshop we have mind is based on the http://circulardesignguide.com/methods

Understand - Understand Circular Flows
Define - Find Circular Opportunities
Make - Smart Material Choices
Release - Product Journey Mapping

work in progress: develop the workshop as 4 unities in a single process


Hello Leonardo, it may be a single day of activities, no problem. Activities will also take place in other Italian cities such as Torino, in case you are interested in working together with them contact @Nagstaly

Also, The OSCED team Bogota, Colombia is interested in collaborating with the development of joint projects with other cities that want to participate in the event, for which it invites us to unite and develop ideas that we can execute together. If you can connect this weekend at 6pm GMT on the documentation weekend.