OSCE Days Budapest - 8 June 2017

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Envienta is a next generation sharing economy model, a DIY maker movement and community-based solution package for the 21st century, which provides share of know-how, blueprints, products and resources for the members. It’s a peer-to-peer open source platform cooperative and a sustainable, cost-effective, decentralized socioeconomic framework. Envienta is a community controlled initiative with full transparency. As part of our purpose we’re operating as a registered non-profit association in Spain.

In collaboration with the Hungarian Életfa Foundation we’re planning to host the second Open Source Circular Economy Days in Hungary on 8th of June 2017, which will take place in Budapest.

The one day event is an introduction to open source circular economy practices regarding to the Envienta project. Topics are: commons management, research and development, urban planning, environmental sustainibility, recycling, self-sufficiency, DIY, time banking, platform cooperativism, etc. As we are focusing our software platform on household development and self-sufficient local communities, we’re expecting the collaboration and participation of few Hungarian partners with activities on the following territories: education, 3D printing, renewables, smart home, smart garden, sensors, robotics, nanotechnology.

Date & Location
June 8, 2017
1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/q3xeyhWAiGC2

To be determined

Email: oscedays@envienta.org

Gabor Kiss - Chairman Envienta Association
Email: gabor.kiss@envienta.org
Tel.: +34 646 401 417

Noémi Huszár - Partner relations
Email: noemi.huszar@envienta.org
Tel.: +36 308 112 010

Anita Nagy - Program organizer
Email: anita.nagy@envienta.org
Tel.: +36 317 832 103

András Bachmann - Technical person
Email: andras.bachmann@envienta.org
Tel.: +36 203 543 070

Sándor Koszecz - Event organizer (Életfa Cultural Foundation)
Email: sandor.koszecz@envienta.org | eletfa@eletfa.hu
Tel.: +36 703 150 797


that’s really cool!
we would love to hear from you about how the event is going! Please, keep us informed :slight_smile:

Of course, we will inform you :slight_smile:

Hi, we are having global VIDEO CALLS during the global June event. Join us there to tell us about your event, maybe show us around and meet other people.

You can join a call while your event is running or before or after it. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE.

Hope to meet you :relaxed: