OSCE Days 2017: Resource links

Hi all
there is a facebook group, a googledrive folder, a hackpad pad, an oscedays pad and who knows what more. Can we list all the resources somewhere? Also, can we consider using a platform that does all these things in one and is free to use? Maybe now is a little too late but maybe for another year?

Hi Adrienn, are you referring to the global initiative or just the Helsinki group? In Helsinki, to my knowledge (and bad memory), this year we are only using the Facebook group (minimally) and the running memo in the google drive (unfortunately neither of which are commons based, non corporate nor open source - but it’ll do for now.) :slight_smile: and there’s an email list…
I think Will’s message was trying to get us (Helsinki) to migrate here to the forum as a better alternative to FB.
I tend to think that multi channels are necessary for this kind of work. And in my experience moving a self-organized community’s communications is slow and often not successful. But yes, a reference to what the channels are and where is helpful.
Everything is well collected in Outi’s excellent running memo - including links - so can we keep using that - and use this forum for conversations, chats, questions that aren’t in the meeting memo? then have a follow-up meeting for reflections and discuss what platforms and channels we could use in future? -Cindy

I mean the helsinki event. I found the memo, it was in a facebook

Hello Adrienn! If you can please join coming thursday at 16:00 in Teurastamo! Työpajankatu 2, office of Natural Interest Finland

hello - yes I’ll be there! c ya!

posting this here as something interesting:
Peer-to-Peer Design Strategies
"Pickpic is a set of self written internet applications developed to help graphic designers who want to work in an environment based on peer-to-peer collaboration."