Organisation of design files folder

I noticed that the design files folder has been re-arranged, I’ve got 3 small issues with it:

1. Where’s the map SVG?
I can’t find the map file any more, it was in Slides and Illustrations, but now it is not… the jpg & png versions of the map are also gone. @Lars2i any ideas?

Owncloud maintains versions of files but loses track if files & folders are removed. From now on, I will version control SVGs in the owncloud with git, which will mean full access to all changes even if things are deleted or moved, but for now I have lost the last couple of edits so I will have to recreate a few city labels etc.

2. OSCEdays logos - Green adjusted
this folder name doesn’t explain to the user whether they should use it or not. Does adjusted mean ‘now it’s the correct green’ or ‘special version of the logo with a different green for a particular purpose’?
We should have only one main folder for logos, and if there are different versions, these can be separated in subfolders, but the difference must be made clear, eg.

OSCEdays logos
- Vector (for editing)
- CMYK (for print)
- RGB (for web)

if there is a color profile (eg sRGB, AdobeRGB…) which is the correct one, we should make sure that all logos have that correct color profile, and remove any logos from the folder which are incorrect. Similarly, any old logo versions (such as those with contrasting blue & green elements) should be moved to the 2015 branding folder so that people don’t start using them, thinking that they are the hot new look for the summer.

3. 2016 Illustration Toolkit
Great work, @OTTILIE ! really nice. Are you able to share a .ai file as well?
I don’t like using PNGs because working with GIMP is horrible - I am much, much faster and happier working with my old friend Inkscape, and a vector file is much better ‘source code’ than a PNG anyway. If you don’t have time to separate a big messy file into tidy little components, feel free to just send me the file and I can turn it into SVGs which correspond to the PNGS which are there.

Hi Sam,

jepp, I made a view small changes - there were too many folders and I think it still are too many.

I think Jenni created the “Green Adjusted” Folder.

The map is in the “slides & illustrations” / “Pecha Kucha Talk” folder.

The idea is to transform the “slides & illustrations” folder into one where we collect old presentations and make them publicly available. Of course it does not make sense to store “illustrations” in the same folder then.

We have illustrations in the 2015 Branding and in the 2016 Branding Folder… I think this is good, not perfect though. Maybe the best place to keep the map could be the 2016 Branding Folder? And the map of 2015 of course in the 2015 Folder?

Plus: I think it might be good to also send the question to @OTTILIE via email. Not sure if she gets a notification.

OK, thanks! I’ll email Jenni.
Yeah, I think the map can go in 2016 Branding.