OPEN SOURCE - Useful Explanations & Introductions

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Open Source can at first seem like an intimidating world and one that can sometimes be difficult to get past thinking and focusing on applications such as software or open data (I know I’ve been there).

As well as on the OSCEdays website and mission statement-

Open Source Software Definition / Open Source Hardware Definition

Here are some handy links, explanations, videos and articles we’ve come across. Please add to:

##1. Making Business with Open Source?

Here is a full video series tackling that question:

  • Another thread with useful remarks

##2. What is Open Source & How we work in the OSCEdays? (Blogpost)
We created a Blogpost explaining the OSCEdays workflow. It is an excellent eye and mind opener for people that are really new to the concept of Open Source.

3. Creative Commons video

You may have noticed various forms of CC-By-SA -4.0… etc under graphics, photos, videos
This is really a more flexible form of copyright to indicate:
As the original maker/ creator how your work can be used, shared and built upon
As the user, how you are allowed to use any content and should properly reference the original creator
It’s really all about good manners and a systemised approach!
When we’re talking about transparency and traceability, sharing and collaboration… this type of approach can be applied to many situations.

  1. Lars and Sam made a video in 2015

5. Beginners Guide to Open Source

A handy guide and series to Open Source put together by the folks at - from the software to the Open Source Way

  1. Open Source explained in Lego

Great short animation that explains the concept via lego, skateboarding and housebuilding

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The new economics of open source:

It is a long and comprehensive analysis cum manifesto for a postcapitalist model taking shape, it is in essence the description of the open source model that we all support and want to see displacing the current macro- and microeconomic models.

There is a pretty good new resource out there explaining Open Source.