Open Source-themed X-Mas Calendar // Open Source Adventskalender

we’re doing an OpenSource-Themed Christmas Calendar and if you like, you can become part of the calendar!
We’re still looking for (if possible christmas-themed, to make it funnier) contributions about OS like
– illustrations (e.g. illustrated portraits of historial OS-figures)
– videos
– talks
– pictures
– riddles
– projects
– newspaper articles
– free music
– dowload-links to OS-programms
– DIY instructions (paper cutout instructions with themed motives…)
– OS & Nature / Trash / Economy / Earning Money / Science / Health…
– Open Design
– Symbols of the Scene
… find and add all ideas in our pad:

and will be coordinated in this spreadsheet:

If you’re interested post your ideas below or in the pad above or send us an e-mail and we’ll coordinate you a “calendar door”. Here’s my contact:

Here’s the webpage (work in progress):

Merry OS-mas!

This is a great ideea :slight_smile:

Some Ideas

  • It should probably have an introduction to OS - to the history - this talk about it is somehow … funny and maybe x mas like.
  • Cool could also be that behind one window you find download links to useful open source source software like the Mozilla Browser, Thunderbird, VLC, Inkscape, Audacity, Libre Office

  • Another Idea could be to have a simple recipe for baking Christmas cookies. Yes. That is open source. Pretty easy to understand, eh. (I mean in general funny tutorials to anything … are cool.)

  • Alicia Gibb has a video talk explaining Open Source Hardware. I remember, that she used children sharing knowledge as a metaphor for Open Source Hardware. Which is a nice idea. Probably good to check the talk again, 2012. On the OSHWA page they have a quick reference guide for Open Source Hardware and some other resources available as well.

. . .

hm, there is a lot, what to integrate? Have a look at Sams Slide from his OSCEdays Pecha Kucha Talk. There are a lot of open-things worth mentioning.

So the whole thing is probably not about beeing complete but about having funny and nice examples.

  • One thing, that probably should be integrated is Wikimedia Commons. The worlds biggest archive of open images, videos and soundfiles.

  • Another thing, that could be mentioned is “Screws”. Screws are Open Source and an Open Standards! Everyone will understand screws. As well as a drill. And you can deliver that stroy with a link to Open Structures and inspire people to drill holes in everything with 4cm between the holes and then screw everything to everything from everyone. :slight_smile:

Who would like to do a visualisation of

  • Richard Stallman:
  • “I think we’re better of, if you GO FORK YOURSELF!”
    (believe this phrase was dropped during POC21, who knows the author?)
  • Merry OS-Mas
  • Ingredients for Open Source (open mind, open communication, documentation, creativity… what else?)
  • Open≠Free, as it doesn’t cost anything, but Open=Free, as in Freedom: #OShistory #OS=Freedom

Great idea all, though I worry about this:

Richard Stallman wrote the original GNU GPL, which is currently the most used license in the “Open Source” arena of software.

Richard Stallman (or ‘rms’ or ‘Saint IGNUcius’) started the Free Software Foundation and the movement behind it before the term Open Source was coined by others.

Although “Free Software” and “Open Source” describe essentially the same set of software licenses, he is very particular about the difference between Free Software and Open Source, and would not want his image used to promote what he feels is an extremely different agenda.

“Free Software” is specifically about User Freedom, and ideally enforced by a Copyleft license such as the GNU GPL that perpetuates User Freedom, instead of a ‘pushover’ license (his wording) such as the BSD or Apache or other licenses that allow future developers to lock closed what had been release as ‘open’.

The GNU GPL does not just make a virtual thing (such as software or a movie or hardware designs, etc.) ‘open’ and hope others play nicely, I would say the GNU GPL ‘locks open’ that virtual object, making sure all future versions also respect the User Freedoms to use, modify, copy and share that work.

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Open Cuture Archive (Licenses?)
Apertus Open Source Camera.
Sam: video software.
Wikimedia Commons - for images
Noun Project for Vector Graphics


I have two things we might add

Where we could explain, the OS comes from Free Software. And still has this. OS is the key to secure software and krypto. And also to money solutions like Bitcoin. Cause OS allows trust, and control.

We could post this info graphic and explain it a bit. Open Source Owns The Web.