Open Source Circular Economy: Success Stories from Indy to Capetown

Recap of 2016 OSCEdays events in Indianapolis, Dec 13, 2 - 5 pm EST. Host:


It would be great if any member of our network or OSCEdays 2016 local organizers could join us on Skype for a conversation with the local participants. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Thanks for asking us to join, this project sounds like the type of things we do in the Transition Movement as well, exactly the kind of projects we need for the future.

As my Challenges and Actions in the forum haven’t been that much of a success yet (mainly I think because the issues were to large to takle in that format, it’ll take more time…), I’m not sure I could contribute in the way you were hoping for. If you’d like me to join a Skype chat anyways, let me know.

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Hi Maike, thank you for your prompt response. Please do join us on Skype to talk about your actions in 2016 (good or lukewarm answers, does not matter, we are ploughing ahead) and answer questions from the audience. The more connections we make between local actions and OSCE members the better of our global community is.

@puishi and I are planning a series of events/actions for 2017 at KHEPRW. We will suggest the list of all our actions/challenges of 2016 and ask the audience to pick 3 that they would like to work on in-depth in 2017. The results will be presented at Indy’s 2017 OSCEdays.

Ok then, I’ll put it in my calendar

2-5 EST is 7 -10 GMT and 8-11 pm in Berlin

Thank you very much @transitionmaike and @Gien for the conversation with our people in Indy. It was a very valuable exchange, I will share all your info sent over Skype chat.

John Gieryn, who arrived after we talked with you Gien, mentioned that he knows you from the Enspiral network. So, it’s a small world after all.

OSCE Days 2016 from Indy to Cape Town.pdf (1.7 MB)


It was a pleasure speaking with everyone there in Indiana! I would suggest we have OSCE networking skype or google hangout chats to build bonds between participating cities. We can do these all year round. We can send a broadcast message out to our entire contact list and ask who would be interested in participating. We should start building real community within our community. This is the first step in global collaboration on projects…getting to know people first. Then once people establish social capital, then they can take it to the next step and have motivation for genuine collaboration. So weekly skype meetups between various OSCE communities is a definite recommendation. This is one of the key strengths of a global network…the opportunity for us to expand our networks and increase effectiveness of working on circular designs, yet we are not leveraging this at all.

How did your talk with @transitionmaike go?

:smiley:John and I have been discussing via email in the last little while…just today, in fact! So yes, haha…you know that Walt Disney song…it’s a small world after all…It just goes to show you, the active change agents in this community all bump into each other and the 6 degrees of separation becomes revealed!

@transitionmaike, it takes time for sure but I think we will reach a critical mass shortly. You know that there are a lot of individual Open Source projects in the world…but the revolutionary potential of OSCE platform is that it can be a platform cooperativism for many, many Open Source Circular projects. I don’t think we’ve tapped into how to do that yet…we are still in early years and groping for how to activate people. I think this year will be a step change, however. More and more people at OSCE are beginning to sense we are moving past the formative stage and into the next one. I certainly sense that. I think we who are the active participants need to set the example of how to do that. Maike and I already discussed teaming up on certain projects in a serious way. I think the global teams on projects will be a real advancement. We have to find effective ways to do that. We should just start using our platform to collaborate in a real serious way and see what the pros and cons are and that will give us a basis to develop improvements.

We need to get programmers involved to build the platform to be a truly collaborative one. We should be able to attract programmers since we are an open source project. We should discuss this at next meeting.


@Silvia sorry I couldn’t join, but the talk looked great. Nice to see some visuals.

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