Open Source Appliances Project

Hi all! We are officially launching the campaign and project of open source appliances. I attach the links to the campaign content and the video. Our concerns go beyond making something open source, and really try to articulate political-economy, business models towards open cooperativism, as well as scaling up this initiatives using p2p infrastructures or platforms (airbnb, uber, like infrastructures). This is very much framed, in the vision of OSCEdays. I see it as a concrete pilot project, since I have been concerned lately on how to start at a smaller and grounded open source dedicated and long lasting initiatives. It is going to be very challenging and we need your support!

Open Source Appliances Project

Supporters also get a nice E-Book about the history of Open Source P2P!!! Look forward to hear from you!


Hi guys! we have a collection of open hardware projects in github repositories.
We have a group exclusively dedicated to open hardware development: I think is complementary to OSCEdays.

Please feel free to join, criticize and become part of the development community. Anyone interested in learning git, github, collaborative project management, SCRUM, agile management? This is a good opportunity to realize OSCEdays mission and vision.

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