Open Labs - Opening Video Streaming Phase 3 - LOCAL EVENTS & WRAP UP - Nov 18, 11am GMT

M E T A : Hi @BoST @valeplatz @Alice_audrey @kat @E_BioReg

The Open Labs have 3 video streamings scheduled in the DIF program. The first and second one already happened (see recordings here). This Friday at 11am GMT happens the 3rd one opening phase 3 of the labs: Local Events.

Below you can find a script/structure for this call. The Streaming is divided into 2 parts: The first one is about LOCAL EVENTS. We will have Valentina from Las Palmas De Gran Canaria joining and Alice from Berlin talking about their local events.

The 2nd part is about the ACTIONS that have been started to develop. To all the ACTION authors – @E_BioReg @kat @transitionmaike . If you like to you can join this video streaming and talk about it. You don’t need to, but you can. Just join the call (for this you just need the plugin google hangouts installed on your computer). Let us know, if you want to join, in a comment below.

From BoST is joining me, Ricardo and also Frans is in. There is room for one or two more - if you like to join let us know. You are X in the script.

I will share the link to the hangouts here 20 minutes before the call starts. Please click it at least 15min before the streaming starts so we can try to solve technical problems before we go live (exception Valentina - she has only limited time because here event is running - but 5 min earlier would be good.)

For the ACTION authors. You can join also early. But then you need to wait around 20 minutes till we come to the ACTION part. But you can be part of the discussion. But if you prefer to plugin later - when the call is running and the part with the ACTIONS is started, you can do this as well.

Ok. here is the quick draft for the script:



LARS: Hello. Welcome to this streaming - the Opening Of Phase 3 of the Open Labs on the Circular City – a collaboration between the Disruptive Innovation Festival and the OSCEdays and that are running as part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival in November 2016.

This phase is all about local events. It is about taking some of the results from the first two phases and implement or test them in local events. Everyone is invited to set up a small local event for the coming days or time to play with some of the results of the Open Labs or add more.

And we have here in this call two event organizers with us that will tell us a little bit about their events. One of the events is actually running right now - the event from Las Palamas De Gran Canaria - and we have a live connection to this event.

But before we go into this let’s have a brief introduction round. Who is here? Mmh. Maybe Ricardo first:

RICARDO: 2 to 3 sentences about yourself - mention that you are part of BoST and your location.

VALENTINA: 2 to 3 sentences, mention your location.

FRANS: 2 to 3 sentences, mention your location.

ALICE: 2 to 3 sentences, mention your location.

X: 2 to 3 sentences, mention your location and that you are part of BoST.

LARS: And my name is Lars Zimmermann, I am an artist and economist, I am based in Berlin and I am also part of the BoST …

And before we go on, I want to mention, that you CAN JOIN this streaming for example to ask questions to the local organizers, we have here in the call, or to share knowledge, opportunities and opinions about circular cities.

Just go to the Open Labs website, klick on the Video Streaming page, scroll down to this streaming and you’ll find a link there TO JOIN this call. Click on it and meet us here. We will be happy to have you.


LARS: Ok, Now let’s dive into the 3rd phase of the Open Labs On The Circular City. We started already phase 1 - where we opened an open collection and discussion thread where people shared and still share ideas for the circular city. Phase 2 was about taking some of these ideas and transform them into ACTIONS - simple step by step guides everyone in the world can follow and run a little event to test it (we have 7 so far). And now in phase 3 we ask already people to put events on the map to do first tests of this ACTIONS.

We will do a wrap up of phase 1 and 2 later but now let’s dive into the really interesting part of this streaming: The local events. We have two organizers here and we’d like to hear from them, what is going on or is planned. Let’s start with Valentina in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria.

Hey, tell us a little bit about your event. What are you doing. And what ACTION are you implementing?

##Event 1: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (5min)

VALENTINA: - Tell some basic things about your event-

Questions When she is through, feel free to ask a question to her. Let’s have a little dialog. This will be more interesting. If no-one has a question I will ask one about Open Source. But I am sure, you’ll have some.

When we are through with covering Las Palmas De Gran Canaria it might be, that Valentina already leaves the call - her event is running in the back :slight_smile:

##Event 2: Berlin CRCLR lab (5min)

LARS: Ok. Thank you. But we have also Alice here from Berlin. Alice tell us, when is your event happening and what is planned so far. How do you get to a circular city?

ALICE: … Same as Valentina

Questions Let’s have a little Q&A with each other. A polite and short discussion like with Valentina.

##End Of Event Part

LARS: Ok, so much for the event presentation from Berlin. We will have another live streaming from an event - an event in Schwäbisch Gmünd. I’ll be there. And there is going to happen a hackathon on the subject of Sharing. And as part of this live-streaming we will have also a short talk on the subject of Sharing by Thomas Dönnebrink.

And as said before, feel free to add an event to the map! You can take some of the developed ACTIONS or come up with your own one and organize a little group in your city for some activities. There is a simple process for signing up an event on the Open Labs website. You can do this during the Open Labs and DIF which is running for 7 more days. But you can do this also afterwards. The OSCEdays platform is always open for you to use.


LARS: But now we talked a lot about the ACTIONS that have been developed or mostly that have been started to developed. Let’s wrap up phase 2 a little bit and see what ACTIONS else have been developed next to the two we have heard about already.

M E T A : Ok, here we take turns on explaining the ACTIONS or ACTION ideas. If some of the authors or people with the ideas are joining let them explain their own ACTION if not, Frans and I’ll do the job.

For the authors it would be great if you plugin now into the call, if you like to do that (you don’t need to). When you introduce your ACTION project you should also introduce yourself first with 2 sentences.

Everyone feel free to ask a question about the ACTIONS.

RICARDO: Product Development ACTION (60-90sec)

MAIKE (or FRANS): Food Policy Paper

Bio_RUG (or LARS): Community Currency

KAT (or FRANS): Modular Garden Lab

LARS: Hackathon on Modularity + What we are going to do in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

##END – Final Statements

LARS: Ok, great. This is is what we wanted to share in this streaming. Maybe, each of us can have a final statement - something about the Circular City or anything - a closing remark 15 sec.

Lars will say your names and invite you to the statement. You can also just say “Nope” if you don’t have a final statement. This is ok.





LARS: Ok, thank you. And to remind you. All the resources we were talking here about are open in the OSCEdays forum - for you to use and contribute to anytime. See you there, Let’s continue the collaboration.

Ok, lets say bye.

ALL: Bye!

End of Streaming.

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Hey @Lars2i and all - I’m away this week and won’t have internet access on Friday. I’ve forwarded this to Tim and Olivier (who helped develop the idea) and hope that one of them will join you guys for the streaming. Sorry to miss it!


Hi, I thought the streamings take place on Mondays. I’m in Marburg giving a workshop on Friday morning, sorry.

It would be great if you could mention the Baumhaus-food-discussion-evening:

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Hi @Lars2i,

I’ll be online to explain about the ACTION of the creation of the community currency tomorrow, if there’s still a chance.

We’ll be connected tomorrow at 11 am

Thank you!!

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great @E_BioReg. Looking forward to it. Pls. consider that the call is 11 am GMT - your local time might be a bit different. Compare GMT to your local time here:

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###Link to JOIN: