Open Circularity Collaboration 2021

We are ready to deepen and expand our global collaboration in making open circularity a reality everywhere, now.

We want to re-connect cities in working together on a global project. We want to bring new people with their projects into our community.

We invite you to share with us projects you want to connect and need resources on. Ideally, the projects will have a deadline in 2021.

You can post, as a comment, a short video clip introducing your team and project. Or you can post your project on our forum in any of the listed Activities.

Examples of projects some of our community members are currently working on focus on rural development, open cities, food production, health.

You can count on our help with:

  1. Ideas, solutions, references for your project
  2. Working virtually with your team
  3. Promoting your project in social media
  4. Sharing the results in our virtual OSCEDays Open Talks

We look forward to our global collaboration. Thank you.

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