Nuts and bolts -Open Source Modular Design

Hi, I’m the author of this piece. I deliberately timed it with Circulate News to come out during the OSCE days :slight_smile:

Any comments on how to improve this and maybe turn it into a real manifesto would be welcome.

…and if you think I should talk to specific people, please let me know.




Super, I was wondering if that is the case and looked for you in our users list, but of course could not find you, searching by your name.

Thank you very much for the plug. And for the great article, nuts and bolts are fundamental to modular design and design for disassembly and repair. And for you work.

Let me look at it later and send you some comments and suggestions.

One thing we could do together and with other OSCE people is a virtual or physical workshop on the theme of modular, open source design.

During the days, it would be great to engage with the 3d printing events and discuss the problem of modular design and poor or lack of disassembly/repairability in 3d printing products. I have one on Monday, I’ll see how to bring you in. At minimum I will mention your work and connect you with our participants on the forum. @puishi Pambana is the co-organizer of our Indy event.

Thank you, Silvia