[NODE] Ressources Mapping

This is a public wiki to get an overview of all challenges related to resources mapping. If you are planning to work on it in your city, please add it here!

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Timothée Gosselin @unteem
Lauren @lauren ???

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act as the global node connectors for resources mapping.

If you have any questions, please ask us. Possible ways to do this are to use the mapping tag when posting your question, challenge or case and also to ping us directly.

A circular economy is all about closing the loop. Your waste are my resources. Your outputs can be my inputs. Its about moving from a Product IN Waste OUT model to Data IN Data OUT model.

To achieve a circular model, we need an open data model to map the different flows - what comes in and out of ones’ activity - and sources of resources. This approach should not necessarily be limited to materials/products flows but also immaterial flows.

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We are very happy if you like to join us in this task - Join the team!

#Community Call
Let’s plan it!!!

@almereyda let’s plan something with Transformap

@lauren still up for it?

@Makea I think you guys are planning to work on some mapping to source (waste) resources?

I will propose some dates so we can have a call with those interested on working on this topic.

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A lot of preliminary work on modelling has been done within the Value Flows community already.
Have you also played with Loopy before?


Loopy is super! Definitely going to use this in my lectures.

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