No Theory Survives First Contact With Reality - Let's Build Things

Hi @BoST

I am thinking about a blogpost expressing the ideas expressed in this comment.

Basically a bit with the pitch that in CE today is a lot of talk… but we have to build examples – because that is what will enable us to make progress.

The main aim would be to inspire people to build this little prototypes - agents – that breath openness and circularity. This little community members that will tell us where we go and what we are.

What do you think?


I think this is a great idea Lars. And I’m a theory person! :wink:

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Sounds good. If you write, do you want any contributions from us?

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I am totally agree. Let us build things.
But to achieve this we need to work formally in weekly meetings with clear objetives.

I have one workshop proposal:
Targets in Steps:
1.- Deeply understand that the customers (and their needs) are the only reason why any company exist. We should define a list of 5 common needs (and its measurement parameter), that we would like to reach or improve in our markets.
(e.g. products with open recipe, high quality raw materials or ingredients with a ¨ fair ¨ price, circular design, with very low marketing expenses, companies that are sustainable social and ecological etc etc etc).
2.- Understand the current commercial dynamic where any company, and also any one that develop sustainable circular economy, has to spend too much efforts and resources in the selling process.
3.- Define mechanisms to make customers become visible to the potential companies that would be willing to adapt behaviors and processes to reach the needs defined in point 1.
4.- Define mechanisms that would allow the group of customers, with ¨specific needs¨, to grow, and better please their needs.
5.- Define mechanisms that would allow to really trust in the information we receive (measurable and comparable).

Work methodology:
3 days before every weekly working meeting we should choose some readings (papers etc), that would help us to operative each target.
In the meeting we would validate the main ideas and opportunities.
We go forward to build each target.

Who should Participate:
Of course is open, but most likely people who understand economic, business, and really want to be responsible of the society that are enabling because of the money that they are giving every time that they buy.

If you would like to work on this, please let me know

If we achieve effective mechanisms, we will be creating a commercial dynamic where cooperation and sharing will be much more effective than competition.

We will be enabling an easy arena for OSCE products…

The sharing and cooperation will be within customers (with OSCE needs) and the suppliers that aim aim to reach them.

The current market is not effective for many people that need ¨OSCE products ¨ and hardly find something to buy according to it… (or hardly believe in the publicity slogan of sustainable that some companies communicate…).

Assuming that many people around us has the same needs that we define in point 1, for sure we will find the right mechanisms to allow better satisfaction of them.

Let us work, ¡¡
Let start with weekly netmeeting (or Skype) meetings

We could have an incubator of projects, open source and circular businesses. Small startups, perhaps as part of an ecosystem that resembles “the circular city”.

Take a look at what is happening with Open Source Ecology. Good combination of theory and practice (I think both are important when it comes to build, create and do stuff). They have done awesome stuff, is a good reference to understand how impact is created.

When it comes to just talking, indeed theory doesn’t survive the first confrontation, with practice. But a vision on how to do things is a theory as well. We need a common vision, so don’t misinterpret the value of theory to achieve success. Put theory in practice and it will be fine.