New organizations for domain name

In the process of the platform development and with the next edition coming we discussed with @Lars2i about the urls and domain names for this year.

The proposition is:
Global information on the OSCEdays + information on the current event (similar to what we have now)
archive of the last event. So we will have the current WP under that url.
Update: we decided in the discussion:

blog and content (videos, webinars, podcasts, …)

We keep:

@Lars2i you talked about I’m not sure I got what you see in it.

jupp, the question is, we need maybe a webpage for the association as well. It is something different then the event.

The organization is also about other stuff, not just an event. Having the organization things on the event-page might be confusing for people just interested in the event… not sure though, if will really just be about an annually event. Would be great to have more stuff going on throughout the year under the OSCEdays brand.

But I am not sure 100%.

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Hi @cameralibre @unteem @pierreozoux

@pierreozoux is suggesting to go directly to

“I advise to have (this way, it is less work for the
future, and it is not breaking the web :slight_smile: )”

I think I understand.

  1. It is a little bit of extra work moving it every year to 2016 / 2017 …
  2. And all links break.

But for 1: This could be ok. It is not sooo much work.

And for 2: It is really the question, what will be on the page? How many subpages are planned?

  • All Blogposts will go to blog.oscedays = external stable links
  • All city pages will be in the forum and there will be a new channel to another topic established every year between

So the only links that stay is to the participation guide and the mission statement and we will need this every year. The rest will always be on page 1. So there are no links that break.

We will have probably actually a pretty small webpage. Just Logos and the Design, and some sentences.

So, what do you think?

And you can still point to to

Or you can have something like this also:
(This is more a folder approach, but it consume a lot less resources also, in 10 years, do you really want to maintain 10 wordpress, just for legacy?)
(They have static pages, which is on top a lot more efficient than wordpress, but this is another discussion :slight_smile: )

Hi @pierreozoux

I am not super techi, so i do not fully understand what you mean.

Do you mean, we have the event always on and when a new year is done, we move it to

or is it, we start each year or subconference with a new folder for next year for example?

How would this work if we stick with wordpress, what we will do this year, probably next year also, but in the long run probably not.

Would there be a fresh wordpress under … with a new theme ?


sorry, trying to understand this.

In this case couldn’t we have everything in the same spot:


How would this work. Is it just one wordpress, but different themes and content in different folders. A plugin installed at would also work on /organisation for example?

And what if we decide to leave Wordpress at some point?

Maybe you can explain it in the Skype.

Personally I would rather not have at all. At the moment our activities are very strongly focused on a single annual event, but one of the ideas we have discussed a lot is that it should develop into an ongoing community, with smaller events and activities occurring throughout the year. So we shouldn’t have a website structure where the annual event dominates.

In addition, the knowledge we generate should be cumulative - last year’s event should not be separate to the current one, it should not just be archived and be forgotten about, it should feed into this year’s event. Conversations should be continued, documents should be improved, etc. And surely if we are changing the theme, but sticking with Wordpress, the structure, existing posts and links will mostly stay the same, won’t they?

I can’t really understand the utility in separate 2015. 2016. etc pages, but I think what will help bring clarity to this conversation is use cases and examples. I’ll go through how I see each section working, and then maybe you can show me where/why separation by year is necessary.

##Forum -
As far as I am aware, despite our restructuring, none of our forum links are broken, right? so we can just leave the old conversations there, they are still valuable and they will become less visible as new posts replace them. Perhaps we can add a #2015 tag to any old topics which are only relevant to that event (eg meetings, organisational stuff).

##Landing site -
Open Source Circular Economy Days is a diverse & globally distributed event using the collaborative Open Source methodology to build a waste-free Circular Economy.
What do we mean by OSCE? -> Mission Statement
What’s Open Source? -> OS Definition
What’s Circular economy? -> CE Definition
Get Involved -> updated README, Call for Participation etc
Latest Blogposts ->
What happened in 2015? ->
confirmed for 2016
active in 2015

I feel like it will be very seldom that somebody would want to click around a perfect replica of the 2015 site. Well, we can make a perfect replica of the 2015 site and put the html files etc on the GitLab for archival purposes, right?
I imagine the only relevant pages which will have changed (but will still be useful in their original state) will be the city pages.

##City Pages eg.

Info on OSCEdays Berlin 2016!
Get Involved!
What happened in Berlin in 2015? ->

We replicate the 2015 page so people can see how it looked and what was going on, and we add links to documentation.
For a city which took part in 2015 but is not taking part in 2016, we can replicate the 2015 page in this way and on the page ‘’ we have a notice saying:

We currently do not have any activities planned for Kuala Lumpur during the OSCEdays 2016.
Would you like to get involved in running a local event? -> Call for Participation
Check out what happened in Kuala Lumpur in 2015! ->

As far as I see it I don’t need a full replica of each year on its own functioning site, I just need a single page per city. But to help me understand, can you guys provide examples for how the 2015.oscedays site would be used? I don’t think I will be available on Monday for the video call.

ah, ok, I just read through @Lars2i’s email to @pierreozoux and I think I understand something I must have missed in this thread - there was a suggestion of separate wordpress installations for each year, another for the blog, another for the organisation… too many wordpress installations!

There’s no reason why
should not work fine on a single wordpress install.

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I agree with everything. The only problem i forsee is, when we have and change the wordpress theme (what we need to do), the whole design made by the people will break. Some elements will not work anymore with the new theme. A lot of the stuff will look ugly.

I would suggest the following plan:

We said anyway, that giving each city the possibility to sign in to the WP is not a good solution anyway. @unteem tested a plugin that allows publishing from discourse directly to Wordpress. I think the tests weren’t successful. But maybe we can make it work. If not, I would in any case not make people to sign in to the WP again. But give them one forum topic that can serve as their webpage. This will bring them to the forum also!

So subpage will always be linked with a forum topic. Maybe - hopefully! – content is automatically mirrored more accessible for readers on the webpage. If we can’t make this work this year, it is fine with me. Next year it will work.

With this there is no need for copying page content every year.

###(2) 2015 AS HTML
Yes, and for 2015 - where we did not have this solution - we just download the subpages as HTML and make this file available for download on an 2015 Topic in the category of that city. And we are done.

So there is also no need for /kuala-lumpur-2015

Sounds like a plan?

But with this, I don’t necessarily see the need for

anymore. We easily can keep the blog where it is, right?

The only advantage I could see with /blog/ is, when we can have a separate theme there installed so that the blogposts do not change looks after a new theme was installed (often I adjust the design of a post according to the design of the theme so it will look strange when the theme changes) - but this is not really a good reason i think. Better would be a general rule: “Don’t do anything strange on the blogposts that might look strange in an another theme.”

##So to sum it up …

If my scenario above is good for now. We don’t have to request any changes from Pierre at this point… We are all set with installations. Already :slight_smile:

Yeah! What a great outcome of a discussion.

Cause for /organisation/ - I think for now we are good with just one Subpage about it. We have plenty of other stuff to do then creating a complex page about the organisation in the coming months.

Cool, I think we’re basically in agreement then.

In some cases, maybe. But let’s try it, before deciding that this is definitely the case. I find downloading the html files for a city page (when you are just curious about what happened) a little ‘ungeschickt’, so if it’s possible for the page to still work under the new theme, great. All we need to do is to change the permalink from /vienna, to /vienna-2015, then (as you suggested) point /vienna to a forum topic (whether it is presented on the Wordpress or directly on Discourse)

My idea for having the html files etc on the GitLab is as a historical archive, rather than a user-friendly playground. In 10 years’ time we might want to create our own OSCEdays Wayback Machine to see how things have changed.

ah, sorry, I got the URL wrong. I meant

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Hey guys. I half agree with you.
So definitely we do not need that much wordpress, sorry Lars I should have made it more clear but clearly in my mind those archives are only in HTML format on a static website ideally directly hosted on GitLab (see jeykill and github for an example). No need for a WP. Thats why I wanted to talk with Pierre before going into a messy conversation here.

I do think that is a good think. For me it has to be seperated from the rest. Today the need is not crucial as we do not have much content but I really wish that this blog is going to be very productive with a lot of collaborative articles. Videos. Interviews, Webinars. Podcasts etc. A place for the community to express whats in their head in any kind of media. So it needs its own home with its own design. Plus its easier for me to type it in my adress bar.

For the rest I think I agree. But please consider to have (I would still prefer actually but its not super important to me). I would also consider using something else than WP for the blog maybe considering Ghost that seems quite good or something lighter and less painful to use.

So to recap how I see it: =>
cloud.oscedays…org (rocketchat or zulip, chat is not a good name, any idea?)

I have to say that for now I’m still not super clear on what goes into organisation and its difference with Anyway not relevant righ now, I guess It will become more clear when there will be an organisation.

One more thing. There many many parts that do not need to come from a heavy painful wordpress. Most of it could be done with a static website, there is no need for a backend and there is no interactivity with the server. Plus once its written it does not change, only the next year. There is just a need for cities and blog where we have multi-users to manage and the need for something user-friendly without the need for tech skills to build a page.