Natural Factory – Nature As Our Factory collects inspiring examples of ways designers/makers can let nature be our factory to create sustainable solutions, focussing on non-food and non-medical products, such as packaging grown from mushroom mycelium and boutique furniture shaped in a carbon-negative ‘orchard’.

The page is available in 5 languages:

##Visit the page and study lots of interesting solutions.

Screenshots from the page taken in December 2017



Wow. What a great site. Great discovery @nicustasia

Would be really nice if their content would be open and shared under open licenses. Do you know them Stasia? Maybe we can shoot them an email asking them if they would be open to use open licenses. Maybe send them this

###Guide to Open Licensing

Wanna try?


Wow, this is perfect. Thank you!
Have been thinking about whether it’s necessary to create such page.


Hi, Lars!
yes, I know them.
Actually, they are opened. It’s a non-profit project, that is planned as an open library, like Wikipedia, but about natural materials.
The information is collected mostly from internet, about the projects, some of them are not-open sourced.

Ah, ok. I wondered. :slight_smile: It did not look like they have all the info and own all the images they show (or care about copyrights at all). Maybe it would be cool to browse through the website and highlight here the really well documented (and even openly licensed) examples.

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