Mozilla Open Leadership Program – Deadline December 15th

Hi @BoST

Mozilla has an open leadership program. Check here & here

@cameralibre & @lu_cyP attended the program and both are excited about it and recommend it a lot! So I applied today but the cool thing is - it is possible to apply as a team - and I think we should do it with @BoST.

The problem is: The deadline ends tomorrow! (December 15th). Application Form Is Here.

I suggest that everyone interested posts a comment (or replies to the email I am going to send in a minute) and then we apply together. I add also my name to the list and we make a remark that I have already sent another application but the group application is the real one.

Sorry for not thinking about this earlier but the box: β€œYour Name (if you apply as a team list all names)” Was the last I filled out and then I hit sent and then I realized what the text in the brackets was saying)

Here is the text I sent over.

Mozilla Application.txt (3.3 KB)

Who is in? :guardsman:

Just tell me and I send the new application.


Sounds great, but I don’t have time to input!

The application is quick and done (it was less than 3000 characters in total). It is just the question if you think you have time to join the sessions. Sam said it is just a few Skype Calls but really really good. I would just add your name to the team willing to take part.


sure. add me too. If it’s just a few skype calls, that’s easy.

Sure, sounds manageable.

Looks good - I’m in.
@Lars2i - just on process, do we just say β€œyes” to you and you resubmit with the names? Or do we need to give you more?

Yes, I think that might be best. You just say yes and I send the application with all our names.

Hi Lars, sounds good, I`m in too

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Alright, great. I’ll put all of our names on the list. Fingers crossed they accept us for the training.