More topics previewing at landing page

Hey, right now when you come to the forum each category shows 3 topics as preview. How about going up to 6? or …

or maybe 5, donno

what do you mean? the topic that are previewed are the category topic and pinned ones no? Are talking about those ones

Don’t know if we can preview any topics like this

no, i mean when you are on the main page. On the left you have the categories. On the right you see the names of 3 topics - the last topics that were updated. The question is, can we display there 6 or 5 instead of 3 topics.

We can, i have seen it in the admin options. But do we want it?

ah, have look, they have 5 topics in preview

ah ok now I get it… I’ll have a look. Otherwise maybe @almereyda can tell us how they did it

Hi, i did it, there is an option in the adminsettings called “category featured posts”. It is now 5. Lets see how it feels and change back when we don’t like it.