Montevideo, please introduce yourself


For community activities in and around Montevideo. Please feel free to use the tag city-montevideo when posting in other categories.

The category was created in May 2018.

And now ppl. from Montevideo - feel free to introduce yourself below.

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Hi, My name is Ester and I live in Montevideo and work in a project that aims to generate value with agroindustrial waste called Biovalor (
We are launching a call to finance local entreprenuers and businesses that want to go more circular and hosting 5 events to map opportunities.(
I am looking forward to learn more about circular economy in general and about initiatives happening around the world.


Hi Ester!
I am currently living in Montevideo too, looking for ideas to start my own project that will hopefully be related to housing cooperatives.

Are you available for a meeting?

Thank you


Hi Marius,
Yes of course. I am in an intensive training course until the end of next week. We could have a call or meet after the 18.5…


Okey! my mail,