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#Just More Images

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#2 Articles on Modularity, Open Source Hardware & Circular Economy

###1 Grand Unification Theory of Modular Units

###2 Open Source Modular Design: The Business Benefits (by @makegeneve)

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seen at hfg in schwäbisch gmünd

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Criss Cross

A new UK company designing modular furniture and who used Kickstarter to support the project.

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Pearls … Pearl Animals

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@RicardoRug shared here this list of modular solutions:

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Wow! A bunch of interesting stuff came in when @RicardoRug was working with his students on modular products HERE:

Just one example out of many (check the comments) :

Coffee table for rooms or studios where you will find a variety of plants to decorate the space, made by modules that allow the table to be assembled in different ways

María Elvira Ortega, María Alejandra Roldán, Camila Cardozo, Cristhian Lagos, María Juliana Cortes, Oscar Rios, Alejandro Benavides.

// More

Googled for “Parking Day

looks like some of it is glued. But nice anyway.

Shot today in my workshop: connecting Duplo to Eitech (Meccano) to Mifactori 3erlin Grid and OHO Parts to Heros Constructor. Picture shot for a Slide deck.

Check more about OHO - a modular construction toy for kids – here.

From Prosthetic Knowledge
via @sharmarval

###Open Source Iteration

LEGO-MECCANO-HYBRIDS – Hack Tha Systems! Enhance Modularity. Push Interoperability! \o/ Related Blogpost.


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An related forum post about a telescopic mobile home. See more at:


###There is a very special case to explore Circular Modularity in the already built world: Pre-Use.

It overlaps with Modularity a lot: Almost every case of Pre-Use is an example of Modularity and often modular systems are an example of Pre-Use. But still – the scope is a bit different: PreUse often invents or discovers Modularity where it wasn’t planned by designers, so it points to surprisingly already existing modular solutions.

Therefore it offers a somehow separate way to explore design and circularity (and modularity). So it has an own topic on this forum. Make sure to check this too!

####Some PreUse Examples:

A flower pot serves as an outside ashtray, a jar as a vase, a deposit bottle as a sugar dispenser

Water pipes serve as a desk stand or sports device

Chess figures made from nuts and bolts

##Find More Examples Of Pre-Use In This Collection (And contribute)

An Open Source Modular Bike


check this (first 30 seconds)

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