MENTOR SESSION – How to turn ZERO Waste into Revenue Streams with the Blue Economy - Alexander Prinsen

Hello I’m @Alexander_Prinsen a “Blue Economy” thinker inspired business (model) developer

Ask me any questions on how to improve your idea into a business model that generates more cashflows within your idea/project. Stuff you through away way most likely can be turned into a cashflow, this is what I am interested in.

My focus is achieving ZERO Emissions in each project that at the same time is regenerative for the Ecology and Economy. I’m Blue Economy expert and have visit many of these projects myself in the last 3 years. There will always be something I can add to your idea, project, design or business

#How And When I Will Answer Your Questions
I will answer your questions here in the chat. Feel free to post them as a comment below.
If required we will schedule an open online meetup to talk

#About Me
I am @Alexander_Prinsen and founded my MBA, Masters of Beautiful Achievements, to research and talk to Entrepreneurs, designers and scientists about circular business models and (Open Source) innovations.

I’m inspired by Nature, Biomimetics (oa Biomimicry), Blue Economy, Do It Yourself, Open Source, Biohackers and Entrepreneurship.

I’m globally giving lectures, keynote presentations and moderate brainstorms about circular business models and innovations that do more good. Through Blue Procurement I let you discover the amazing projects are out there and more importantly how to create and apply them to your situation.

An inspiring I contributed to is : Dycle (Berlin) - How close the Diapers cycle

Looking forward to help you out to get more value out of your idea !