Melbourne, Pls. Introduce Yourself

Hi, this topic is for community organization in and around Melbourne Australia. Feel free to use the tag “city-melbourne” when posting in other categories on this forum.

And now:

Please Melbourne, Introduce Yourself. Let us know who you are.

Hi folks,

I’m Paul Szymkowiak (Paul Zee for short), passionate hacker/ maker advocate, long time open-source-software user/ advocate, with commons and environmental interests.

Organisational support: I lead the organisation of the original Australasian Maker Faire in January 2012, and co-ran the subsequent “Eurisko Melbourne” independent learning by doing event in November 2013. I’ve also helped support the awesome Trampoline Day, BarCamp and Gathering '11 Melbourne events with audio-visual and WiFi equipment setup.

Skill sharing: Currently, I divide my time between coaching organisations (on disruptive business strategy, understanding sustainable value and agile team collaborative practices) and facilitating maker activities for Y3-12 students.

I’d be interested in helping organise a Melbourne event, and in sharing maker, open-source software (OSS) and collaborative practice experience through hands-on activities and discussions.