[MEETING, SOCIAL] – Party \o/, June 26th, 2015


we did it! And i think, it went great. Thanks to the community, all challengers, participants and also the global OSCEdays community.

Now it is time to celebrate! Let’s have a party.

Our party will take place on Friday June 26th, 2015, @Agora.

We start at 7pm (sharp!) with a dinner and will have drinks from 8pm, 11pm we’ll move. It is not clear to where, but if you want to join late, call Lars 0176c218c65c009.

The party is open to everyone, for already active, for new and for future members of the community.

We had a little budget left. So there will be some free drinks.

And we could also afford 25 x dinner. First comes first served. If you want to have one of those dishes, ping us here in the thread and it is reserved for you. The dinner will be served early, 19:30 sharp! After that it is just drinks.

Looking forward to see you (hopefully) all again next friday.


img by Sunciti Sundaram, cc-by-sa

@sophia @Ina @Sylke @Anna_Perrottet @Justine @MartinaSkender @transitionmica @Alice_audrey @cameralibre @Timm @JuliaP @matthias @Chris @kunji @eliana @Hanne @Hannah_Ba_Nana @Marcela_Donato @baipepine @simonlee @alabaeye @MaxFabian @MoaNilsson @jbonvoisin @Frans @franziska_moeller @alabaeye @Denis @Shu @era @OTTILIE @rhizom @Natacha + + + , don’t hesitate to ping for a dinner and join us!


Yeaaaah! We @sophia @Ina are looking forward! Thank you for the organization, @Lars2i

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@Ina I count that as a reservation for a meal. Makes 2.

Plus i (@Lars2i) want to have one too. So 3 already gone :slight_smile:

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I’m in too! :fork_and_knife: :stew: :beers:

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I am SO joining! Thank you very much @Lars2i for organizing it and making it happen :smile:

Joining! :slight_smile: Thanks, Lars. @Anna_Perrottet

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Count me in! Thanks a lot ppl! @JuliaP

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I’m in too :slight_smile: Thanks for organising !!!

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8 meals gone makes still 17 to click

Count me in :city_sunset: :cocktail: :wine_glass: :watermelon:

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i am in, too! thank you for organising
i am looking forward …

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@simonlee are you in?

if fashion week is not eating me up by than I am in too :slight_smile:

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@Timm called me, he is in as well. So 12 meals gone 13 to click :slight_smile:

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How wonderful! Yeees and noooo, I’m in Sweden that weekend. Maybe I can skype in for a toast!

Iike to participate as well

I am in! We are two… but late. I can be there around 10pm… is ok?

I would like to come with Anders (who made it possible for me to be around all five days and gave the talk in my workshop). 2 more, that’s 9 left, right?

Hi @Mariangeles_Aguirre yes of course. you can join late. but food will be gone by then :blush:

@ayumi just pinged me. So with Markus, Maike, Anders & Ayumi (Mariangles will be late) we are at 9 left now :slight_smile: