[MEETING, SOCIAL] OSCEdays Helsinki meets OSCEdays Berlin, in Berlin

Hi everyone,

@Jason_Selvarajan from the OSCEdays Community in Helsinki visits Berlin and wants to meet the OSCEdays community Berlin. Jason was the OSCEdays reporter from Helsinki and he is also the inventor of the Open Source Hardware Project Showerloop.

Jason reporting from the OSCEdays Helsinki:

So this means drinks! On Thursday, June 2, 20:30

UPDATE: The meeting has a new space now. We meet at the Sustainability Drinks @Betahaus then. (Prinzessinnenstraße in Kreuzberg.)

For everyone who joins later, give me a call, and i will tell you where we are if you can’t find us: 0176 218 65 009

Hope to see many of you on Thursday :slight_smile:


ping - i try to think of as much as i can but will forget people, so help me ping them as well - @Timm @Justine @ayumi @transitionmica @kunji @sophia @Ina @Anna_Perrottet @MartinaSkender @JuliaP @cameralibre @FransPrins @franziska_moeller @mailkunststoffe @LizaSander @Lucy @wastewallah @Chris @Mariangeles_Aguirre @markus_re @baipepine @simonlee @Sarah_Pollinger @Babaruna @Natacha @MoaNilsson @Hannah_Ba_Nana @Hanne @Hannes @Sylke @Shu @eliana @Denis @Dann_Dannah . . .

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Hi Lars, it will also be the Sustainability drinks on Thursday - and there must be another event, which I just can’t think of.
But what about coming to sustb. drinks with Jason?

Hi @Anna_Perrottet - jeap, i think it is a great idea! Lets meet at sustainability drinks. http://sustainabilitydrinks.de/

So it is @Betahaus. I’ll come there and let @Jason_Selvarajan know.

So everybody: 20:30 Betahaus then