[MEETING, SOCIAL] 24.9. Garden-Party @ Transition Pankow

Hi everyone,
as Neukölln is always the other end of Berlin for me I decided to become proactive and invite the Thursday-meeting to my transition-garden in Pankow, Brehmestrasse 6 (S Wollankstrasse). Hope to convice you all to come ‘out’ here that week.

Hi Maike, such a great idea, but unfortunately I have another date this evening!

Hi Maike, nice :slight_smile:
But i am not sure. Do we need regular meetings right now?

How about we all take the summer off, continue the work here in the forums and late September or early October we start again with the meetings for the next and future OSCEdays?

it seemed to have become a tradition, and anyways, my summer vacation only starts on Friday. looks like others are already up’n away… maybe you’re right…

If noone tells me they’re coming I would postpone it to Thursday 24.9. (with the option to meet in the Transition Büro in case it’s rainy).

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I changed the date now, invitation is still open if people want to get back together after the summer. I’d love to hear how things are going and what became of the challenges.

Hi, summer holidays are over, it looks like summer weather will soon be gone as well. Just to confirm: my invitation is still up, pease let me know if anyone wants to come.

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As there are no replies so far and the weather is rather cool, I guess there won’t be a garden party. Still, let’s organize some get together soon to update each other on what’s going on and start planning OSCEdays 2016.

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