[MEETING/SOCIAL]- [12th May] OSCEdays Athens, Meet-Share-Drink

####An Open invitation to join the OSCEdays Athens meeting for an informal introduction to the OSCEdays Athens events and planning the workshop at Commonfest on Open Source Circular Economy in the lead up to the OSCEdays Hackathon taking place June 11-15th.
#Everyone is welcome!

You’ll be able to meet some of the others involved in the OSCEdays as well as hear about Open Source and Circular Economy Initiatives. We’re keen to hear some of your ideas, projects or questions and have help detailing the hackathon and in particular how we can use the hour and half slot we have at the upcoming Commonfest to explore ideas and challenges around Open Source Circular Economy.

##Where & When?
Location: Akrotehno at Themostikleous 31, Exarcheia
Time: 7pm to 9pm

We are a non-profit project called unMonastery that aims to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions by providing place- based social innovation that addresses the interlinked needs of unemployment, empty space and depleting social services. Members of the organisation are based internationally with a team of us here in Athens. You can read more about us on the post here or our website unmonastery.org

We’d like to meet other interested supporter and volunteers to explore how we can further develop, prepare and contribute to the OSCEdays global event.


  • Get to know each other, the organisations/ groups we may be part of and what projects we are working on
  • Ask what do we mean by Circular Economy? What to we mean by Open Source? And what does it mean to create an Open-Source-Event with Open Source as an objective? This is about creating a shared vision.
  • Explore a bit, how we will collaborate.
  • Discuss how we can use the session booked at Commonsfest to share and include the visions of others and introduce Challenges.
  • Please suggest aims

1- Introductions
2- Introduction of the global OSCEdays and the Athens event (@lauren)

Discussion and Vision
4- Circular Economy – what is Circular Economy (Lauren, you? )
5- Openness- what is open source and what it means to create an ‘Open-Source-event’ (@lauren, you?)

Event Organisation
5 - How to organize this event in Athens together and transparently
6 - Planning Open Source Circular Economy Workshop at Commonsfest
7- Please suggest topics


This post is a wiki so feel free to remove or add your name to the Attending so we know to look out for you or just turn up! Also you can add points to Aims and Agenda. Just click the edit below (and join the platform of course) - NOTE: If you’re new it may take some time to be able to perform all the functions - If so just write in the thread below

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I will try to come too.

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