[MEETING] OSCEdays Vancouver June 9 - Volunteers Hangout

Google Hangout for volunteers on June 9.


  • We have a waitlist!
  • Arrive at 8:30am to help set up.
  • Protohack is happening at the same time. We need all hands on deck to sort people into the right places. Protohack = 3rd floor. OSCEdays = 2nd floor. If they aren’t sure, check the participants list.
  • Get participants to sign in at the registration table, acknowledge the Shared Values and Photo Release, then create their nametag. Add a sticker if they don’t want their photo taken. Remind them to return the nametags before the end of day.
  • Encourage participants to check out the challenge briefs. If they sign up for a team on the sign-up sheet, they get first priority to be in that group.

Bingo and Evaluations

  • There will be an opening bingo activity with an evaluation form on the other side. For completion of each, you get a chance to win a draw prize. Participants are to bring their completed bingo and/or evaluation to a volunteer to check it’s done before they can put it into the draw prize boxes. Put completed evaluation forms in the box by the prize area (it will be clearly labelled).

Hack Time

  • Each group will be assigned an area. Volunteers will have signs to hold up so people can make their way to the group of their choice. We are going to try to distribute people as best as we can. If you get a lot of people, those that put their names on the sign-up form get first dibs, then others are first-come first-serve.
  • Sign up for the forum so you can edit the wikis for each challenge as the day progresses. Questions about this? Look for Belinda or Kamil.
  • If your group decides to go outside, leave your name and phone number on the sign out form. Make sure you are back at 2pm sharp!

Clean Up

  • We have 30 minutes to clean up and put everything back the way it was. We’ll need all the help we can get!