[MEETING] OSCEdays Vancouver June 1 - Volunteers Meeting and Potluck

Location: 885 Dunsmuir, 10th floor
Time: 5-7pm

Meeting for all OSCEdays Vancouver volunteers.

Challenge briefs:

  • We have 10-11 challenges now, with briefs completed for 4 of the challenges
  • Goal to get all challenge briefs done by end of the week


  • Over 80 registered
  • Some people haven’t registered yet on Eventbrite, but we know are coming


  • Ordering lunch from Curry2U for vegetarian curry and sides
  • Donated box of bananas from Discovery Organics
  • Zero Waste Market tentatively to do a snack bar with a discount (wholesale rate)

Day Logistics/Volunteer Needs:

  • We need a few more volunteers to be coach/support for challenges
  • Coach/support person helps facilitate group to keep conversations moving, create a positive experience, and documents using the OSCEdays forum (see below for instructions)
  • Still looking for an event reporter


  • MMBC is confirmed and hopefully will have two of their senior staff attend
  • Spring is sponsoring scholarships to their courses and discounts for all participants
  • NZWC has been awesome in tweeting the event
  • We are a partner event for Startup City: Impact and they have been promoting the event on their site and we’re promoting their other events that week
  • Supporting the OpenIDEO Meetup group - intent to have future events as part of that umbrella

Link Up with San Francisco and Los Angeles:

  • Short video with clips from action throughout the day to be uploaded to Dropbox by 3:30pm

To do:

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