[MEETING, May 21] OSCEdays Berlin @Sustainability Drinks, Betahaus

We want to continue our regular Thursday meetings, but we also want to attend this month’s Berlin Sustainability Drinks… so… let’s do both!

This week we have a special guest, Fu Na from our OSCEdays Shenzhen team, who will be doing a short presentation, and @Alice_audrey will be presenting the OSCEdays in general. (right?)

The to-do list for this week is:
Check-in with the Communication Team
Check-in with the Documentation Team @cameralibre and @matthias will meet sometime on Wednesday to plan this, more people welcome - I’ll create a forum topic soon.
Check-in with Fashion and Textiles Team
Event Organization - any developments/changes since last week?
Call for Challengers - how many challenges are confirmed/in development? what further help is needed?
Call for Participants - how many participants have applied? what further help is needed?

Betahaus Café, Prinzessinnenstr. 19, 10997 Kreuzberg

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Time: I think 19:00 should work - what does everybody else think? This is the Sustainability Drinks timeplan for the evening:

18:00 - 20:00
Betahaus Food Assembly Spring Party and BBQ
Doors and Chatting Along
Opening and Welcome by GreenBuzz Berlin

This post is a wiki, feel free to edit!
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Na and I are in :slight_smile:
@Ina @Anna_Perrottet let us know if we can also present oscedays there!
And Na can definetly give a really interesting presentation onto new ways to cope with e-waste and electronics from the maker movement in Shenzhen.

Have a great start inot the week guys. I am very much looking forward to see you on Thursday at betahaus :wave:

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Unfortunately I will not be in Berlin from the 19th to 28th of May. But I am available online to support the organization of the event.

Yes, see you on Thu at 7! :sunny:

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@cameralibre when will we start with the documentation Wiki/Page?
First Meeting?