[MEETING, March 29] - 7pm, Agora, top floor – OSCEdays Tuesday

For notes and documentation of the OSCEdays Tuesday in Berlin on March 29, 2016 - 7pm, Agora (Neukölln), top floor.

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Hi, here is a little documentation of the meeting. We discussed way more things then documented below. But these are the things I thought would be good to preserve for later.

We were @Babaruna @Ina @simonlee @Jan_D @JuliaP (Simon) (Jay C) @Lars2i @Timm

##Divide Money
Where should the money go we acquire as funding for the whole event (not for specific challenges). We need to come up with a simple rule that will be transparent to the community and everyone can agree on. The idea so far is that money goes to:

  • the venue/food/materials
  • people who professionally facilitate challenges with funders (partners/sponsors)

We will follow up on that.

##Open Source ?
We had a discussion on what means Open Source for us, how do we create an open source event and open source solutions? This was not an easy discussion because the concept of OS is very new to most of the community members and the question how to connect it to Circular Economy a tough nut even for experts – but the tough nut the OSCEdays are there to crack :slight_smile:

Here some outcomes of the discussion:

###Let’s Get Companies To Share Their Problems
If we get the companies to share openly some of their problems and the necessary resources to understand the problems and maybe solve them … this is already a win.

Of course, the results created in the challenges should be documented. But how? Maybe with a simple template for everyone? Maybe we will have a „documentation team“? Discussion to be continued . . .

###Transparent Workflow
I brought up the OSCEdays Blogpost about that Open Source is very often just transparent collaboration – not broadcasting polished solutions.

But in the discussion it became clear that when creating Challenges involving company partners/funders there is a lot of private information that can’t and should not be shared transparently. So it can be hard to find the right line. But we agreed that as soon as this is more fix and for other parts like „communication“ we will try to engage more in the transparent workflow.

###Open Source Business Models
And It became clear that one obstacle is, that it is hard to figure out open source business models. People don’t know enough about it. So a resource is missing that makes it easier for people to get into the mind set and start to come up with creative ideas and feeling more like staying on secure ground. We bounced several ideas, fixed none. But I (@Lars2i) – as “Open Source Economist” – took away that I should create that resource. I am already in the process of planning it. Anyone who wants to help me please contact me!

If you can’t wait for it there are already some resources about it in the “What Is Open Source” category.

##Content: Let’s have a "Planning Party"
When we started the discussion how to get content – good challenges and so on – Jay told us about the “Planning Parties” he had – for example for his Makerplatz event. “Bring people together with food and beer (maybe a potluck) introduce them to the context and give them something to write on and at the end of the night you have your program.”

He also offered to set it up and facilitate it.

Sounds great! Everyone liked the idea. So we will have one – probably 3 to 4 weeks befor the event. Date is to be set.

Did i forgot anything important? Please add in the comments below.


Please edit along, I unlocked it (so said the interface)

Business Models:


  • RedHat


  • Tons. The basic version is open source, the “pro” version has some closed source components (e.g. PyCharm)

Good maintainability (not open source, but…)

  • Business Laptops by Lenovo, HP etc. are comparatively easy to repair and have Service Manuals (a how-to-repair guide by the manufacturer), Reason: Probably businesses want their things to work again quickly. No 2 Weeks send in etc.
  • Some IKEA furniture is rather easy to extend, long running. E.g. IVAR

Strengthen the ecosystem

  • Google: Chromium (is base of Chrome (which itself is not fully open)), Android
  • Microsoft (very recently, but still…)
  • Apple

Sell the finished products

  • Arduino
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Cool! I created a new topic where we can develop the resource and pasted your comment to there - Let’s continue there.