[MEETING, March 1] - General OSCEday Tuesday

19:00 @Agora, Mittelweg 50, top floor

Canโ€™t find us? Call Lars 0176 218 65 009


  • Updates on the association.
  • Updates on the Zero Waste Event (Justine)
  • Updates on Challenges
  • New ideas


Feel free to join :slight_smile:


Meeting was nice. We were @ina @JuliaP @simonlee @cameralibre @Justine @Lars2i & @jaycousins & someone new - Frieda.

We were discussing

  • CHALLENGE curating team structure
  • Many new ideas for the Zero Waste Event Challenge

& Jay told us about his new house project and brought also up the question if we could include refugees in everything. This ended in a very interesting discussion about how to structure and use events to build something lasting - in relationships, infrastructure and meaning.

To be continued.