[MEETING, April 30] OSCEdays Berlin Meeting - Challenge Curating, Communications & Documentation

#Open Organizer Meeting OSCEdays Berlin

Hi, we’re having another open organizer meeting for the local Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) event in Berlin (see documentation of meeting one).

This meeting will be mostly about

##Challenge Curating Team & Tasks
development of the content of the event. The team is open to new members.

Alongside the challenges and participants, we will also focus on:

team building for communications, announcing and communicating the event in social media, to the press and to media partners.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the global event communication or global organization at all you are also very welcome!

##General Introduction & Your Ideas
We will have also a brief general introduction to the OSCEdays and lots of room for questions and new ideas.

But notice that there will be a another meeting one day earlier on Wednesday April 29 focused focussed more on the general event and the Circular Textile Challenges. But it is a great idea, to join both meetings of course.

Thursday 7pm / 19 Uhr
Cafe Simitdchi - Kreuzberg - Adalbertstraße 97

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Hope to see some of you at this meeting. If you come for the first time, we encourage you to sign up to this forum and to leave a note here.

@sophia @Frans @Justine @cameralibre @Alice_audrey @Anna_Perrottet @Ina @MartinaSkender @transitionmica @eliana + you

OSCEdays global Webpage
OSCEdays Berlin Event Webpage
Berlin Event Organisation READ ME (with Links to protocols of earlier meetings)

Published soon – Suggestions for it? Please post it in the thread.


Hey there @Lars2i we’re just sitting together with @Marcela_Donato, @Frans and @cameralibre at our beautiful future conference venue of the Berlin event @agora in Mittelweg 50 and would like to suggest to do the next meeting for Wednesday 29th of April at 7pm in agora. Heads up?

Hi, @Frans and @Sophia planned a Circular Textile meeting that day. And i know that at least @Ina & @Anna_Perrottet wanted to attend both meetings. But as Frans was part of your conversation this is probably solved already.

I am in Linz on April 29. So it would not be possible for me to join the meeting. But if you think, you can do it without me, i am ok with it.

Hi everybody, I will probably have to go to Switzerland, and will not be able to attend on 29th/30th. So you don’t have to consider my availability for the planning.

Quick info: We had a call and decided that it is good to have both meetings. The one on Wednesday for general OSCEdays and the Circular Textiles Challenge. And this one more focussed on Challenges and Communication.

Hi Guys, unfortunately I am not going to make it tonight. I wish you good discussions now!
See you next Wednesday!

Dear All, @MoaNilsson, the communications responsible from Impact Hub Berlin, would like to support us Thursday and Friday in Social Media, Communication and Documentation.
She can take pictures of the events and programme, support @Lars2i and @sophia with the social media posting on Facebook, or do interviews.
Please feel free to contact her to support you on those two days.
She will also register as a participant for the event.


Dear @MoaNilsson,

great that you are going to support us in social media/communication/documentation! Thanks a lot! :smile:

The main days of the Circular Textile Challenge are Friday and Saturday: [PUBLIC WIKI] Circular Textile Challenge(s) Berlin

For us (the textile team) it would be very helpful if you could photograph the results (mind-maps on tables) after each rotation round (i.e. 12.45, 14.45, etc.) and help us to upload these photos (we still have to decide where). Apart from this, it would be very nice to have some general photos of the working atmosphere and maybe to upload these images with short comments on Facebook etc.

Do you have some time to join our orga meeting on Thursday at 7pm at Agora?

@Ina, @Anna_Perrottet, @Lars2i

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Hi @Lars2i, @cameralibre, and others,

do you have any preference how and where the results of the Berlin event are documented? We would like to let the global community discuss the interim (and final) results of the Berlin textile event. But we are not yet sure where/how to do it best.

Any idea?

Thanks and best regards,

I will send out an update in a few hours, but in the meantime, have a look at the template:

I’ll give each challenge a pad with basic instructions for documentation and a folder (allowing public uploads) for files and photos.

Hi @sophia and @Lars2i! Nice to e-meet you and I’m looking forward to meet you all in person and to help out with social media and taking photoes during the OSCE days. I can take pictures, do posting etc - what ever you need support with! :smile: I can also join the meeting on Thursday at 7pm at Agora.

I’m looking into the information that I can find here at the community atm - is there anything more particular I need to know before tomorrow? And also, I would need access to the social media channels that will be used!

I will see you at the press conference, right?

Looking forward!

Hi @TechnicalNature,
do you have the twitter account access? Could you please send it to @MoaNilsson? She is our social media person and would like to post some updates during the event in Berlin on twitter :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :smile:

Sure - what’s her twitter name and can add (there are few Moa Nilsson so need right one)

The twitter name of Moa is @MoaJNilsson . Thank a lot!! :smile:

Hi @MoaNilsson! I am posting some news on the Facebook site of the Circular Textile Challenge from time to time: https://www.facebook.com/events/870212903024471/898697736842654/ It would be really great if you could (re)post these messages on twitter! Thank you! :smile: