Managing Day Zero Water Collection Points - City of Cape Town Challenge

Alderman Smith of the City of Cape Town has requested ideas for managing Day Zero queues at water collection points. The city is employing the “Light Touch” system, which is essentially an honor system for collecting water. If there are 15,000 people at a queue, what kind of chaos might ensue? How might this be managed. In some communities, the Light Touch system may not be appropriate. Some people may not have ID. What are backup plans that can be developed to handle situations that may emerge?


Hi Gian - hope that you are well - we would be keen to assist with an interface, probably phone based, catrign for legacy and smart phones.

We have some ideas. Please let me know.

Thanks sounds great, Irvan! I’m going to submit the challenge to @DavidOH at Open Hack and will notify them that you are willing to collaborate with them as a local SA team.