Local group in Delft, Netherlands

Hi guys. Me and a friend in Delft are organizing like a meetup session, about the relevance of developing open source products, and projects. We also created a FB group, calling it open source things. .
We are exploring the idea of creating a local network on these topics lets see how it goes. As part of the intro or content, we also want to highlight the relation with OSCEdays and other groups like OSE. Lets see how it goes, and what happens.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Cool. Great to hear. I created a Delft Category on the forum and put your post in it.

I found this guys it might be interesting. is a space for Open Source Science with integration to open source tools and workflows. This is something I tried to push previously as part of our model, in any case, its something I am aiming for but for sustainable development. It is organized around projects and communities this is the link: https://osf.io/

Maybe is also something interesting for @sharmarval, @Gien and people in academia as a space that can be linked to OSCEdays.

Definitely worthwhile. Iā€™m currently building a neutral network space by configuring existing software packages that will link all our organizations together. This would seem to fit in that nicely.