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We all try to be waterwise but it is not always clear if our measures are effective enough. By the time the water statement arrives, 2-3 months have passed which makes it difficult to adjust behavior in time.

MeterCheck is a web app that enables everybody to manually record their own water meter readings. The app helps to manage the readings, calculates consumption, and creates a visual representation. After a few weeks, a user will have a much better understanding of their current consumption patterns which is the first step to identifying waste and adjusting behavior.

MeterCheck is similar to MyMeterMark in that it enables citizens to monitor and modify their usage. Unlike MyMeterMark, however, MeterCheck does not rely on smart meters to capture the data and concentrates on displaying and analyzing the manually and voluntarily uploaded data.

The MVP of MeterCheck is more or less ready and will be finalized and polished over the next couple of weeks. During the hack I am asking for help productizing and marketing

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Great idea!

Does this interface to existing watermeters?

The MeterCheck proposition is very low tech and there is currently no plan to automatically retrieve data from smart meters. (The MyMeterMark project is doing that.)

In our case the user has to enter the readings manually. Therefore the only requirement is that the user has to have access to their meter. Condos and apartments often don’t have their own water meter but most standalone houses do.

OK, cool! Maybe this can be linked to the 25 Litre challenge hack?