An overview of key dates related to OSCEdays and primarily related to communication points


-----11th May 2015--------- (One Month before) #1MonthToGo

  1. Begin official launch of challenge platform and beginning to populate
  2. Local Organisers to begin/ to have populated oscedays.org/local page
  3. To have tickets/ sign-ups for core event days ready
  4. Wider PR through articles, Newsletter and blogs

-----12th May 2015--------- (One Month before) #1MonthToGo

  1. End of call for local organisers

-----28th of May 2015--------- (2 weeks togo) #2weeks

  1. Press Release?
  2. 1st Twitter Storm takeover (24 hrs from all the different time zones)- a phrase (will give some suggestions but to personalise) - Create some images with phrases OS/CE related
  3. Twitter/ FB profile header changes - I’m taking part in …

------6th June 2015------ (One Week before) #1WeekToGo

  1. To have populated oscedays.org/local page
  2. To have a number of challenges online from each country
  3. Local Organisers FB/ Twitter banner (if relevant)

DURING (11th to 15th of June)

Global activity and events across the world - tweets to @OSCEdays or with #OSCEdays

2nd Twitter Storm for kick-off - challenge related - connect to other country
1st OSCEdays guest Video released
2nd OSCEdays guest Video released
3rd OSCEdays guest Video released
4th OSCEdays guest Video released
5th OSCEdays guest Video released


  1. OSCEdays summary video
  2. OSCEdays summary documentation and report