Kate Raworth Explaining OSCE quite visually

@RicardoRug found this and shared it on Twitter:

Who is Kate Raworth? Anyone know her?

Update Ah, it looks like she is the one behind the term “Doughnut Economics”. Heard the term. But I don#t know what it is about. Going to get my introduction now here.


Actually we’re in her book - I talked to her a bit about OSCE when she was writing it, and she also talked to other people from the Free/Open/Commons movement. As it stands in the book, I don’t know if it is really in-depth enough to fully convince anybody or give a deep understanding, but I hope it contributes to people’s understanding of the value of OSCE a little.

Sorry for the quick & dirty photos from my phone - you can buy the book for a better reading experience!

Open Source Hardware / Design section:

OSCE section

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Thanks for sharing @RicardoRug, I’m reading the book, and I mentioned Doughnut Economics in my book:

Interesting points about the need for distributed networks, wonder if the EU CE strategy will cover this, ie transparency of material content to enable easier and more effective recovery?

Kate has more animations and a newsletter https://www.kateraworth.com/