JOBS at OSCEdays for October November 2016 – Apply Now

Hi OSCEdays community,

We are happy to announce that OSCEdays collaborates with the DIF festival 2016. We will set up and run extended online and offline festival labs during the DIF festival. This partnership is a big chance for both of our organizations.

To set up the labs, communicate around it and facilitate it people need to be hired. Basically there are two jobs to take we ask people to apply for. Find job descriptions below.


As there is not much time left the recruitment phase will be very short. The current Board Of Stewardship will make the decisions already next Monday (October 3, 2016).

Because there is so little time left to set up the labs properly the jobs are likely to be given this time to people that already have been involved with OSCEdays and know the project and its infrastructure. But feel free to apply anyway, also if you are new.

As OSCE Days grows, we expect to offer more job opportunities. As always, the successful applicant will be chosen on merit. If you have creativity, passion and complementary skills, we encourage you to apply.

###The Project

In this topic – especially in the first comment – you can read about the plans that were discussed and agreed on with the DIF festival labs team. The project needs to be set up along those lines but in between there is a lot of room and also need for creativity! All the details have to be invented and communicated.


Please send your application including a CV and some remarks about your idea how you would tackle the job to this address:

###JOB 1: Process Creation, Infrastructure Set Up & Facilitation

Create an online participation process, set it up, communicate it and facilitate it – all in alignment with the rest of the DIF festival. This includes the set up of a webpage, the set up – and if necessary on the fly iteration – of collaboration spaces in the OSCEdays forum and moderation of everything during the labs.

Required Skills:

  • Average/good wordpress and graphic design skills
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • A sense or ideas for global online collaboration processes that use the OSCEdays infrastructure.
  • Have a vision for how to further develop the Action Protocol framework and create / help the creation of three to be tested during the festival
  • Ability to learn and work fast (because of the short time).
  • Ability to work in a team environment

We expect this job to be full time for 2 month.

###JOB 2: Communication & Documentation

Communicate social media, newsletter, blogposts, emails, etc to the OSCE Days community, including harvesting and documentation of results.

Required skills:

  • Experience in the use of Newsletter Software, Wordpress, Discourse Forum (or the ability to learn quickly),
  • Good communication skills through writing and in personal interaction,
  • Proficiency in English required, German a plus.
  • Experience in or ideas for monitoring, supporting and documenting results of community collaboration processes
  • Ability to work in team environment

We expect this job to be almost full time for 2 month.