It's on! OSCEdays 2018 - June 1.-11. – Share Your Ideas, Make A Wish, Volunteer


great news! The date for the global OSCEdays in 2018 is picked. It’s:

2018, June 1.-11. :blush:

As you can see it is not just 5 days but two weekends and a full week in between! So plenty of time for everyone to find the perfect days to invite ppl. to an event.


The call will appear on the website soon. But we invite everybody to share ideas for this years event already. How to improve it? How to design it? What to add?

We are also looking for volunteers and partners to help to set up the global event, communicate around it, do community work, shape it creatively and with content. Want to help? Respond to this topic or send an email.

So please: Share your ideas or requests for OSCEdays 2018. Or raise your hands if you want to help building this initiative further!



This topic is closed. The development of OSCEdays 2018 has started. Please post your feedback and ideas here now.