Is it possible to have a meeting July 18th to discuss a new project?

Hi everyone,

I am involved on planning a global hackathon, we are calling it the “E-scrap Collabathon”. The new word “Collabathon” was coined by my colleague, Lindsay Craig and is meant to combine the words “Collaborative” and “Hackathon”. Lindsay is a technology educator and we have decided to pursue a global collathon for E-waste or E-scrap. We want to see how we could apply circular thinking to repurposing discarded electronic equipment and intercept it before it ends up in the E-waste recycling bin. The reasoning is that there could still be a lot of good components or even entire assemblies that might require slight repair to salvage them for more use.

We are in planning stages and are looking for 3 critical stakeholders before we launch. We already have 2. We are designing it as a 48 hour collabathon which would have pre-training before the event. It would target high school and young university students primarily, but may be open to all. It won’t happen til Sept or Oct 2016 at the earliest. We would like to use the OSCE Days platform to onboard participants around the globe. The OSCE Days platform is already existing and it makes sense to use it because it is taking an OSCE approach. This saves us from having to build a website and it also brands OSCE Days. It’s a project that will set an example of how any member of OSCE Days can use the existing resources to run events. I would also like to invite other members to join us if they are interested.

If we can meet on Monday, Lindsay is, unfortunately not available at our normal meeting time in the evenings (9pm CET) on July 18th so I would request we meet earlier…perhaps 7pm CET) if possible. If this is not possible, we can meet on the following 9pm and I can add the item on the agenda.


Sounds great, Gien. Let’s put it on the agenda for July 25th. Thank you, Silvia

I’d like to join this conversation. how am I supposed to do that? thanks Raffa

Guys, I missed the July 25th meeting. apologies! Monday nights are a work night so I am sometimes busy at work. But will try again next meeting.