[INTRO] Welcome! Introduce yourself to the Community

Hi everyone and welcome to OSCEdays San Francisco!

We’re excited to meet you on Friday and look forward to collaborating with you on Saturday! Since we’ll all be working together, let’s take a couple minutes to get to know each other! Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with:

  • Your name
  • Your interests in open source approaches and the circular economy
  • Knowledge or skills you would like to contribute
  • What you look forward to at the hackathon

See you Friday!


Hi all! Ali Fenn here. I have been helping to build tech companies here in the Bay Area since the late 90’s, principally as a BD, Product, and Sales leader, and including having launched several open source businesses and software products. I’ve been on a bit of a working sabbatical the past year, studying the current global challenges we face as a linear economy, and working on ideas to help us move to a circular one. My principal focus to date has been in the area of plastics/ marine litter, but I am also very interested in textiles, metals, the creation of marketplaces, secondary markets, design for disassembly, and a number of other elements of this problem space and opportunity. I hope I can contribute business strategy, ecosystem insights, market viability, and other creative ideas to the collective effort this weekend, and I look forward to meeting others who bring interest and passion and creativity to bear to this very important - and inspiring - challenge!


Hi All. Im an intellectual property attorney and conceptual artist. I’m a long time advocate and developer of methods for sharing technology/art and reducing IP limitations to same. As an artist, i am current working on a project that will span media (film, written, and installation art) and takes an in depth look at the United States in year 2048. As part of that project, i will be taking deep dives into the future of alternative economies that should hit mainstream, e.g., circular economies. Hope to learn and help. -Rachael


Hey there, my name is Patrick. I’m a UX designer at DesignMap. I’ve been a designer in some form, mostly web or interaction, for about 10 years now. I’ve had a life long commitment to public service. While living in Arizona I helped found Bike Saviours, a successful non profit bike repair space that’s still going strong. I’m interested in putting my skills to use for the public good. I’m pumped.


Hello! I’m Sue Pollock and I work for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as a project director in conservation program development. At TNC, we’re looking for strategies that create virtuous cycles between people and nature so naturally, fostering a circular economy is aligned with our vision. Additionally, as we work in increasingly complex systems, we must work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders and leverage as many resources as possible. Open source is the future and we are moving towards more open source solutions. I have an MBA in Design Strategy and look forward to contributing design thinking/prototyping skills.

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Hi everyone! I’m Kristin Hughes. I am in between the first and second year of the full-time MBA program at UC Berkeley Haas. This summer, I am working as a product management intern at Intuit in Mountain View. I have a background in nonprofit finance and public education. My interest in the circular economy stems from a general interest in social impact work. I have seen open source approaches used successfully and impact fully in the education sphere. I hope to contribute business strategy, beginning product skills, and lots of enthusiasm! I am looking forward to getting more experience with creative brainstorming and prototyping. I am also really excited to meet the fellow participants.