[INTRO] Please introduce yourself

Welcome Open Source Circular Economy Vancouver participants! This thread is for us to get to know each other and learn how we can collaborate. Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with:

  • Your name
  • Your interests in open source approaches and the circular economy
  • Knowledge or skills you would like to contribute
  • What you look forward to at the hackathon

My name is Belinda and I am a member of the event committee. I am particularly interested in closing loops in a local economy. I am mostly contributing my event organization skills, but can also be a resource for people who are interested in design thinking, lean change, systems thinking, and circular food systems. I look forward to trying insect protein (as a vegetarian) at the hackathon.


Hi all,

I’m Elaine, a marine biologist who is passionate about conservation and sustainability. I’m interested in reducing/eliminating waste throughout the circular economy.

My main contribution is providing guidance from an ecological standpoint and helping people understand how their challenges and suggested solutions may or may not work in the biological world.

I’m really excited to see the creative solutions that will be generated at the hackathon.

I’m volunteering for OSCE Days in Vancouver and helping to facilitate a challenge on eliminating single-use, disposable products. Here is the link to the thread on this challenge.

All the best, Elaine


Hello all!

I’m Kylie, I am an environmental engineering student with a passion for sustainability as I strive to reduce my own impact while encouraging others to do the same.

I intend to contribute my creativity based on my own experiences and values, but more importantly my open mind and open ears.

I look forward to facilitating a challenge on methods to market insect protein in an appealing way. I am most excited to try the insect protein products they are bringing!

Looking forward to Saturday!


Hi all :slight_smile:

My name is Emily. I’m really looking forward to Saturday because, having dug into the open source mindset in preparation for this day, I now think that open-source is the best and maybe only way to get from a linear to circular economy both quickly and altogether.

My work background and event context:
I work for BSIbio, a Vancouver-based compostable foodware company, and the National Zero Waste Council’s Product Design & Packaging Working Group (check out the group’s Zero Waste Design Portfolio!). I’m also a co-facilitator of Master Recycler Vancouver, (with our brand spankin’ new Talkin’ Trash Radio Show!) a member of the SPEC Waste Committee, and I joined the fray for organizing the OSCEday.

On Saturday I’ll be supporting BSIbio’s CEO Susanna Carson in bringing our compostable foodware challenge to the OSCEday - Keeping Compost Clean - how can we reduce contamination in green bins?

See you soon!



I’m Daniel.

I’m into Open Source because I think that in order to meet the challenges we currently face in our society, like diminishing resources, population growth and inequality, we need to work together in ways we never have before.

My background is in graphic design, cognitive science and conflict resolution. I look for ways to solve problems and meet challenges through practicing cross-sector collaborative thinking and I like to help others do the same. I’m bringing process skills, lots of questions and an open mind.

I’m looking forward to having so many people with similar thoughts in the same room. Between all of us, there are so many ideas and so much good energy, good things are bound to happen.



Hello there!

My name is Kamil, I’m a software developer and electronics engineer. I’ve been a contributor to open source software and technology for almost 20 years. I’m really curious to explore how open source thinking and approaches can be used to create solutions outside the software realm. It’s really exciting to see so many people from so many different disciplines participating in this event and I hope that it can lead to the start of a community in Vancouver that can make a real social change and address issues related to waste and the environment.

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Hi, I’m Leena and I am the Challenge supporter for the Zero Waste Market