Importance of Open Source Circular Economy for our collective future

I would like to rephrase your question into some other ones

The one that immediately comes to mind is this:

As an open collective, what is our potential for our work here to play a significant role on shaping the future of our society?

In hosting OSCE Days Cape Town, my vision was to try to build a bridge between two worlds: 1) the enormously challenging global emission reduction targets that we as a society need to achieve in the next few years and the accompanying level of behavior change and 2) our local actions.

Michel Bauwens gave a talk in Cape Town on June 10, the day before OSCE Days began. His closing comment was: “The role of OPEN SOURCE and CIRCULAR ECONOMY will be a critical one”. I thought this was very timely, one day before the launch of OSCE Days 2015. He wasn’t advertising OSCE Days. In fact, after his talk, when I mentioned OSCE Days 2015, it was the first time he heard of it.

I think Michel’s closing comment underscored the important role of OSCE. Professor Willi Haas spoke on the Global Perspectives stream and he too emphasized that a circular economy cannot be effective unless our consumption based economics undergoes fundamental change. If it doesn’t, all the potential of circular economy will be wasted because of the paradigm of continuous growth.

So OSCE Days 2015 has laid the foundation for a very important movement that can be critical to the health of our planetary systems.