[IDEA] Telescope Lab:modular, portable, eco-friendly & self adjusting

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Hi @manasa151 , thanks for posting this - can you tell us a little more about it so we can help you in your development of the project?

A general overview would be good, explaining what is unique about the project and where you see the most benefit, but also: who is your team, where are you based, and what are your goals?
What would be particularly useful for this community is if you give us a brief introduction in terms of open source and circular economy. For example…

Is the project already documented in a comprehensive and understandable way for others to be able to build it themselves, or study and modify it?
Does it require any specialist knowledge to build? If so, what?
Can it be built with easily available parts and materials, or would substitutions be required in different countries/situations?
Does the project meet the Open Source Hardware Definition?

What do you see as the potential of this project in circular economy terms?
How long will the structure last? What happens to this Lab and the materials it’s built from, in 10, 50, 100 years, or once it no longer serves its original purpose? Can it be easily disassembled? Can it be adapted to other uses?
Are there any ways you can use existing waste material or used/refurbished parts in the production of the Lab?

Lastly, but most importantly, how can we help? What do you want to achieve during the OSCEdays? Do you need help solving a particular problem, are you looking for someone with particular skills to get involved?