How to elevate a decentralized sharing culture in Germany with Open Source? (by Leihbar Berlin) | Mo (10 am - 3 pm)

Sharing is an important driver and idea for a Circular Economy because it motivates longevity and repairability of products and can help to reduce resource consumption.

##Intro: The Leihbar Model
Leihbar is a sharing company based in Berlin. We provide our users with an easy access to items of daily use (projectors, tools …). After years of experiments we finally found a working solution. We have established a decentralized network of partners that run little shops to distribute the goods to our users/customers. Leihbar is at the moment only active in Berlin.

The question we have (and will work on at OSCEdays Berlin 2016) is:

##Question: How can we enable others to copy our successful system in other cities and build a network of mutual support and synergies?

We will look into Open Source as a method to run and build in decentralized way a connected infrastructure (hardware, software, knowledge) for sharing. The goal is to enable and connect independent partners in other cities. What shared resources do we need for that?

###@OSCEdays Berlin
The challenge will start with an open 4 hour Business Model and Ecosystem planning session. After that we might also do some hardware hacking with our old “Sharing Box” and maybe more.

We are happy if you like to join us in Berlin but we are also ready to engage in a discussion here.

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What would you need as an Open Source resources to start a little sharing business in your city?


Dear @Andreas, I am trying to make a timetable for the event. What day and time would you like to do you challenge?

Hi Friederike, we are just sitting down and do some planning. How about Montag, den 13.06. (10 - 13 Uhr Vorstellung und Workshop, Mittag, 14 - 15 Uhr Präsentation). :wink: Cheers, Andreas

sounds great! Ill add it to the program!

will the title be: How to elevate a decentralised sharing culture in Germany with Open Source?

Hi @friederike, just wanted to ask, if you added our session to the program. And is there a way to promote the session some-how via your channels. We created a Facebook event and hope to have more people to join:

hey andreas, yes it is already online in the program. You are welcome to share the Facebook event into your topic and if you want into the Facebook event! see you monday