How to elect the first Board of Stewardship? [solved]

Subtopic of [PROJECT] Building an OSCEdays organisation

Hi all. One of the remaining questions is: How to elect the first Board of Stewardship, when not all candidates are in one physical spot.

I was talking with Moritz (RFF) and he gave good advise.

In the founding meeting we elect a provisional board of stewardship and say that this board has to create a real members gathering with a whole online election process asap. In that meeting the real board will be elected.

So this means for example.

JANUARY 2016 – Founding of the organisation with a "provisional Boardβ€œ

Preparing the real election and 8 weeks later

LATE MARCH 2016 – members gathering with official election of all board members.

We can already operate with a larger board in the months before. Saying that the elected provisional board took active advisers for the ongoing meetings for the period, where only a provisional board is available.


It sounds like the best way to do it

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Ah yes, this is a good approach.

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Sure, that works for me!

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