Hold up! Design thinking workshop for upcycled products from plastic

Hi all! I am Paolo Citterio and I am part of MakeSense, an association devoted in helping social and sustainable companies.

We would like to organise a HoldUp, a Design Thinking workshop, to help an entrepreneur with her challenge about plastic upcycled products!

The main focus will be in finding what products can be made out of recycled polymers (plastics) corresponding to a circular product development strategy and focusing on sustainability and material value recovery. The focus area will be in non-electronic goods.

We will need a space for about 15 people, a couple of whiteboards, some post-it and markers. The hold-up will last about 2 hours and we would like to make it on the morning of the 15th or in the afternoon of the 16th.

Please contact me on my email: paolo2.citterio@gmail.com

Looking forward to have the hold up with you!


Saturday, June 16, 15:00

@Green Garage, OSCEdays Berlin 2018