Helsinki 2017 - demonstration participants

Heey everybody,

Today I met with Juha from Cluster Brewing and he is also interested in joining the demonstration. As more people are getting involved, I thought it might be handy to start communicating from the same platform.

This thread can be used to get the people together who are actively participating in the demonstration so we can divide tasks, figure out which resources can be used and how etc

Last meeting we started creating a resource flowchart that we can use to further develop our system. You should be able to access the page, but some people experienced difficulties at first. (you might have to sign up somewhere) If there are problems, please let me know. Also if you know better software to create this flowchart, don’t be shy to suggest it.



it gives me an error loading the file eventhough im logged in with google.
We canprobably achieve the same diagmra with a simplegoogle draw file in gdrive?

Hereby an update of the design of the demonstration we will host on the 3rd. Yesterday me and Chris did some brainstorming after the meeting and today I turned those ideas into a design concept.

If possible we would like to host the demonstration in the grass circle at Teurastamo

Central point of the demonstration would be the warehouse that contains the initial resources that are not produced by the system, these resources flow to the various processing stands surrounding the warehouse and when processed will be exchanged amongst the participants.

The warehouse can be made from Lundia shelves (Chris needs to buy those anyway), for the processing stands we wish to use the tents already available at Teurastamo. Arrows made from stenciled chalk paint connect the warehouse and the processing stands to each other.

On the inside of the warehouse we can hang posters with information on circular economy, the demonstration, OSCE-days, Teurastamo and the research(data) from Natural Step. The outside out the warehouse will physically display the resources used in the demonstration and also resources delivered by others that are not processed in the demonstration itself.

We can use cardboard as support for the poster and to create “windows” in the warehouse. One side of the cardboad can be painted in a different color to create extra contrast.

Depending on the needs of the participants the processing stands will contain 1 or 2 tables. The edges of the table will display the resources as input and output. Chris is currently designing a label that will show the origins of each resource and the intent.

Please let me know what you think of the concept so far and if you have any ideas or suggestions

Thanks, Will, super visualisation! And the circle arrangement definitely works well :slight_smile:

Might be that we need to make the circle and process to open outside, so that the audience would be mainly walking on the asphalt (not the grass). This is how it’s been in the previous year. In this case we can place the tents on the grass too. But to be confirmed - there will be some dome structure covering the grass the whole summer, and maybe this means that there’s no need for protection. And on the grass the chalk paint used in football greens would work perfectly. I’ll try to remember to ask about it in our kids’ tournament next week.


Are the shelves being taken care of or do we need to look for them?

Hey Outi I think showing the processes facing outside is a good idea, however if we would the tents on the grass as well it will be very tight in the middle, and you cannot really access the warehouse.
Will the dome structure already be built on the 3rd?
Also I next meeting I think we should talk about which data etc we will show on the posters in the warehouse. I guess you already have ideas about that. If you need help with the visualizations just let me know!

Hey all!

Please invite everybody on OSCEdays Facebook event.{"ref"%3A"4"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}
If there is a poster, I could send it via email to all people I have email that have been participating previous years.
How is the website doing? What will be the url?
@outiugas is the brunch confined?
What do you think about the schedule, start maybe at noon if there is no brunch, start at 11 if there is a brunch?
Schedule otherwise. Would be good to have an indication from each workshop if they have a starting and end time and a specific duration or if they are walking workshops. I would like to add that information on the event Facebook page. Please also feel free to make you own fb event on your workshop too.

Hi all
this all looks fantastic! Will should document everything for his Master’s thesis. :slight_smile:
sorry I haven’t been able to help with the planning and missing the meetings.
I will promote the event as much as I can.
on Friday the 2nd, we have department stuff going on. is there a plan to set anything up Friday evening or Saturday morning?
Saturday I can definitely be on hand to help.
let me know if someone makes a poster and I will spread it too. (someone who is better at graphic design than me should do it…)

Hey All
We met today at Maitolabra with Wil, Outi and Cindy. We arranged the shelves for the central display and we have 6 big glass jars. We will fill them with the biggest waste streams of Tukkutori area. we were thinking of dumpsterdiving them on friday and saturday morning.
Wil will also design and print some numbers, system network maps and other stuff. He will also print some general template for each workshop, that you can fill in on the day itself. Of course you are free to bring your own printed material, but it’s not necessary.
We need to spread the word about the event as much as possible, so that many people will come.

See you saturday!

Hey All! We just made an updated the page here: OSCEdays Helsinki – June 3, 2017
Let me know if you want me to change anything. also let me know if your activity starts and ends on a specific time or not.(my number, just in case: +358404712738)

TOMORROW: Setting up the tents and benches and all starts at 9am. I’ll be there from 9am on to help and there will be atleast Jukkis from Teurastamo too. :slight_smile: If you would like to already bring some stuff today. It is possible to store some stuff at Maitolabra, just let Outi know about it. TODAY: I’m going with Will today at 5pm to teurastamo to prepare some stuff already, let us know if you want to join!

I will be there tomorrow at 9. I have a few glass jars too.

Awesome! I was wondering if you were bringing your camera as well for documentation?

yes - will do. recharging batteries now.

Yeah, isn’t it great to have a meeting in Finland? Last time i’ve been there i found myself out of cash, thanks god saunalaina was near and i’ve got a small loan.