Help! Advertising the OSCE days in BERLIN (TAYLOR/ LASER MACHINE needed)

Dear all,

We are generating here promotional videos and posters for the OSCE days in Berlin that will be put open source to be used worldwide. it will be will be about:

  • people sewing waste textiles

*a laser cutter cutting a piece of metal

  • …and a laser cutter cutting some letters in wood.

The Videos will be about machines/ people writing a message in waste materials. And the posters will be about the waste materials with a message on it.

At the moment we are searching for a taylor/ fashion designer who work with textile waste to quickly collaborate for a 45 sec film and we are also looking for a machine that can laser cut some letters out of an iron sheet.

If you can help please let us know and please spread the word if yo know someone who could.

The faster we find the right ones the quicker we have the promo material out there.

Lets bring awareness about the OSCE days :wink:

thank you,

Denis and Luter

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